DED List For County Galway
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Abbey East Abbey East Abbey East Tuam View
Abbey West Abbey West Abbey West Tuam View
Abbeygormican Abbeygormacan Abbeygormacan Loughrea View
Abbeyvilla Abbeyville Abbeyville Loughrea View
Owengowla Owangowla Abhainn Ghabhla Connamara View
Addergoole Addergoole Addergoole Tuam View
Ahascragh Ahascragh Ahascragh Ballinasloe View
Aille Aille Aille Loughrea View
Carnmore Carnmore An Carn Mór Oranmore View
Curr Cur An Chorr Connamara View
Knockboy Knockboy An Cnoc Buí Connamara View
Crumpaun Crumpaun An Crompán Connamara View
Cloonbur Cloonbur An Fhairche Connamara View
Ross Ross An Ros Connamara View
Spiddal Spiddal An Spidéal Connamara View
Turlough Turlough An Turlach Connamara View
Illion Illion An Uillinn Connamara View
Annagh Annagh Annagh Ballinasloe View
Annaghdown Annaghdown Annaghdown (in the former Rural District of Tuam) Tuam View
Árainn Connamara View
Ardimullivan Ardamullivan Ardamullivan Loughrea View
Ardrahan Ardrahan Ardrahan Loughrea View
Athenry Athenry Athenry Loughrea View
Aughrim Aughrim Aughrim (in the former Rural District of Ballinasloe) Ballinasloe View
Ballintemple Ballintemple Baile an Teampaill Oranmore View
Claregalway Claregalway Baile Chláir Oranmore View
Ballinasloe Rural Ballinasloe Rural Ballinasloe Rural Ballinasloe View
Ballinasloe Urban Ballinasloe Urban Ballinasloe Urban Ballinasloe View
Ballinastack Ballinastack Ballinastack Tuam View
Ballinderry Ballinderry Ballinderry Tuam View
Ballinduff Ballinduff Ballinduff Tuam View
Ballycahalan Ballycahalan Ballycahalan Loughrea View
Ballyglass Ballyglass Ballyglass Loughrea View
Ballynacward Ballymacward Ballymacward Ballinasloe View
Ballymoe Ballymoe Ballymoe Tuam View
Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Oranmore View
Ballynagar Ballynagar Ballynagar Loughrea View
Ballinakill View
Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill (in the former Rural District of Mountbellew) Ballinasloe View
Ballynakilly View
Ballynapark Ballynapark Ballynapark Tuam View
Beagh Beagh Beagh Loughrea View
Beaghmore Beaghmore Beaghmore Tuam View
Barna Barna Bearna Connamara View
Belclare Belclare Belclare Tuam View
Belleville Belleville Belleville Oranmore View
Bencorr Bencorr Binn an Choire Connamara View
Boyounagh Boyounagh Boyounagh Tuam View
Bracklagh Bracklagh Bracklagh Loughrea View
Bullaun Bullaun Bullaun Loughrea View
Bunowen Bunowen Bunowen Connamara View
Cahermore Cahermore Cahermore Loughrea View
Caltra Caltra Caltra Ballinasloe View
Camus Camus Camas Connamara View
Cappalusk Cappalusk Cappalusk Ballinasloe View
Cappard Cappard Cappard Loughrea View
Carrownagur Carrownagur Carrownagur Tuam View
Carrowrevagh Carrowrevagh Carrowrevagh Tuam View
Castleblakeney Castleblakeney Castleblakeney Ballinasloe View
Castleboy Castleboy Castleboy Loughrea View
Castle Ffrench Castleffrench Castleffrench Ballinasloe View
Castletaylor Castletaylor Castletaylor Loughrea View
Carrowbrowne Carrowbrowne Ceathrú an Bhrúnaigh Oranmore View
Killannin Killannin Cill Aithnín Connamara View
Kilcummin Kilcummin Cill Chuimín (in the former Rural District of Galway) Connamara View
Claretuam Claretuam Claretuam Tuam View
Clarenbridge Clarinbridge Clarinbridge Oranmore View
Cleggen Cleggan Cleggan Connamara View
Clifden Clifden Clifden Connamara View
Roundstone Roundstone Cloch na Rn Connamara View
Clonbern Clonbern Clonbern Tuam View
Cloubrock Clonbrock Clonbrock Ballinasloe View
Clonfert Clonfert Clonfert Ballinasloe View
Clontuskert Clontuskert Clontuskert Ballinasloe View
Cloonkeen Cloonkeen Cloonkeen (in the former Rural District of Loughrea) Loughrea View
Colmanstown Colmanstown Colmanstown Ballinasloe View
Cong Cong Conga Connamara View
Cooloo Cooloo Cooloo Tuam View
Coos Coos Coos Loughrea View
Craughwell Craughwell Craughwell Loughrea View
Creggs Creggs Creggs Tuam View
Cummer Cummer Cummer Tuam View
Curraghmore Curraghmore Curraghmore Tuam View
Cushkillery Cushkillary Cushkillary Connamara View
Deerpark Deerpark Deerpark Oranmore View
Derrew Derrew Derrew Ballinasloe View
Derrycunlagh Derrycunlagh Derrycunlagh Connamara View
Derryglassaun Derryglassaun Derryglassaun Ballinasloe View
Derrylaur Derrylaur Derrylaur Loughrea View
Derrylea Derrylea Derrylea Connamara View
Donaghpatrick Donaghpatrick Donaghpatrick Tuam View
Doonbally Doonbally Doonbally Tuam View
Doonloughan Doonloughan Doonloughan Connamara View
Doorus Doorus Doorus Loughrea View
Drumacoo Drumacoo Drumacoo Loughrea View
Drumkeary Drumkeary Drumkeary Loughrea View
Drummin Drummin Drummin Loughrea View
Dunmore Dunmore, North Dunmore North Tuam View
Dunmore South Dunmore South Tuam View
Errislannon Errislannan Errislannan Connamara View
Eyrecourt Eyrecourt Eyrecourt Ballinasloe View
Foxhall Foxhall Foxhall Tuam View
Galway North Urban Galway North Urban Gallaimh (Tuath) Connamara View
Galway Urban Galway East, Urban View
Galway Rural Galway Rural View
Galway Rural (part of) (b) View
Galway South Urban Galway South Urban View
Galway West Urban Galway West Urban View
Glenamaddy Glennamaddy Glennamaddy Tuam View
Gort Gort Gort Loughrea View
Gorumna Gorumna View
Graigabbey Graigabbey Graigabbey Loughrea View
Grange Grange Grange Ballinasloe View
Greethill Greethill Greethill Loughrea View
Headford Headford Headford Tuam View
Hillsbrook Hillsbrook Hillsbrook Tuam View
Inishbofin Innishbofin Inishbofin Connamara View
Inishmore Inishmore View
Island Island Island Tuam View
Kellysgrove Kellysgrove Kellysgrove Ballinasloe View
Kilbecanty Kilbeacanty Kilbeacanty Loughrea View
Kilbennan Kilbennan Kilbennan Tuam View
Kilchreest Kilchreest Kilchreest Loughrea View
Kilconickney Kilconickny Kilconickny Loughrea View
Kilconieran Kilconierin Kilconierin Loughrea View
Kilconnell Kilconnell Kilconnell Ballinasloe View
Kilcoona Kilcoona Kilcoona Tuam View
Kilcroan Kilcroan Kilcroan Tuam View
Killaan Killaan Killaan Ballinasloe View
Killallaghton Killallaghtan Killallaghtan Ballinasloe View
Killeany Killeany Killeany Tuam View
Killeely Killeely Killeely Loughrea View
Killeen Killeen Killeen Tuam View
Killeenavarra Killeenavarra Killeenavarra Loughrea View
Killererin Killererin Killererin Tuam View
Killeroran Killeroran Killeroran Ballinasloe View
Killian Killian Killian Ballinasloe View
Killimor Killimor Killimor (in the former Rural District of Loughrea) Ballinasloe View
Killimore View
Killinny Killinny Killinny Loughrea View
Killogilleen Killogilleen Killogilleen Loughrea View
Killoran Killoran Killoran Ballinasloe View
Killower Killoner Killower Tuam View
Killure Killure Killure Ballinasloe View
Killursa Killursa Killursa Tuam View
Kilmacshane Kilmacshane Kilmacshane Ballinasloe View
Kilmalinoge Kilmalinoge Kilmalinoge Loughrea View
Kilmeen Kilmeen Kilmeen Loughrea View
Kilmoylan Kilmoylan Kilmoylan Tuam View
Kilquain Kilquain Kilquain Ballinasloe View
Kilreekill Kilreekill Kilreekill Loughrea View
Kilshanvy Kilshanvy Kilshanvy Tuam View
Kiltartan Kiltartan Kiltartan Loughrea View
Kilteskill Kilteskill Kilteskill Loughrea View
Killthomas Kilthomas Kilthomas Loughrea View
Kiltormer Kiltormer Kiltormer Ballinasloe View
Kiltullagh Kiltullagh Kiltullagh (in the former Rural District of Glenamaddy) Tuam View
Kinvarra Kinvarra Kinvarra Loughrea View
Kylemore Kylemore Kylemore Ballinasloe View
Lackalea Lackalea Lackalea Loughrea View
Lawrencetown Laurencetown Laurencetown Ballinasloe View
Lackaghbeg Lackaghbeg Leacach Beag Oranmore View
Letterbrickane Letterbrickaun Leitir Breacáin Connamara View
Lettermore Lettermore Leitir Mir Connamara View
Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Loughrea View
Letterfore Letterfore Letterfore Connamara View
Levally Levally Levally Tuam View
Liscananaun Liscananaun Liscananaun Oranmore View
Lisheenavalla Lisheenavalla Lisín an Bhealaigh Oranmore View
Lissmanny Lismanny Lismanny Ballinasloe View
Loughatorick Loughatorick Loughatorick Loughrea View
Loughrea Rural Loughrea Rural Loughrea Rural Loughrea View
Loughrea Town Loughrea Urban Loughrea Urban Loughrea View
Moycullen Moycullen Maigh Cuilinn Connamara View
Moyne Moyne Maíros Connamara View
Marble Hill Marblehill Marblehill Loughrea View
Meelick Meelick Meelick Ballinasloe View
Milltown Milltown Milltown Tuam View
Moat Moat Moat Loughrea View
Monivea Monivea Monivea Ballinasloe View
Mountain Mountain Mountain Loughrea View
Mount Bellew Mount Bellew Mountbellew Ballinasloe View
Mount Hazel Mounthazel Mounthazel Ballinasloe View
Moyode Moyode Movode Loughrea View
Moyrus Moyres Moyne Tuam View
Furbogh Furbogh Na Forbacha Connamara View
Oatfield Oatfield Oatfield Ballinasloe View
Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore Oranmore View
Oughterard Oughterard Oughterard Connamara View
Pallas Pallas Pallas Loughrea View
Portumna Portumna Portumna Loughrea View
Raford Raford Raford Loughrea View
Rahasne Rahasane Rahasane Loughrea View
Rohun Raheen Raheen Tuam View
Rinvyle Rinvyle Rinvyle Connamara View
Ryehill Ryehill Ryehill Ballinasloe View
Selerna Selerna Sailearna Connamara View
Skannive Skannive Scainimh Connamara View
Scregg Scregg Scregg Tuam View
Shankhill Shankill Shankill Tuam View
Sillerna Sillerna Sillerna Connamara View
Skehanagh Skehanagh Skehanagh Loughrea View
Slieveneena Slieveaneena Sliabh an Aonaigh Connamara View
Stradbally Stradbally Stradbally Oranmore View
Taghboy Taghboy Taghboy Ballinasloe View
Templetogher Templetogher Templetogher Tuam View
Tiaquin Tiaquin Tiaquin Ballinasloe View
Tiravascragh Tiranascragh Tiranascragh Ballinasloe View
Toberadosh Toberadosh Toberadosh Tuam View
Toberroe Toberroe Tuam View
Tuam Rural Tuam Rural Tuam Rural Tuam View
Tuam Rural Part of Tuam Rural (part of) View
Tuam Town in 31 files Tuam Urban (part of) Tuam Urban Tuam View
Tuam Urban View
Tullokyne Tullokyne Tulaigh Mhic Aodháin Connamara View
Tynagh Tynagh Tynagh Loughrea View
Woodford Woodford Woodford Loughrea View
Wormhole Wormhole Wormhole Connamara View