DED List For County Kerry
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Abbeydorney Abbeydorney Abbeydorney Tralee View
Aghadoe Aghadoe Aghadoe Killarney View
Aglish Aglish Aglish Killarney View
Ballybrack Ballybrack An Baile Breac Killorglin View
Cloghane Cloghane An Clochán Dingle View
Dingle Dingle An Daingean Dingle View
Minard Minard An Mhin Aird Dingle View
Stradbally Stradbally An Sráidbhaile Dingle View
Emlagh Emlagh An tImleach Killorglin View
Arabela Arabela Arabela Tralee View
Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Listowel View
Ardea Ardea Ardea Killorglin View
Ardfert Ardfert Ardfert Tralee View
Astee Astee Astee Listowel View
Ballinskelligs Ballinskelligs Baile an Sceilg Killorglin View
Ballinclogher Ballinclogher Ballincloher Listowel View
Ballinvoher Ballinvoher Ballinvoher Dingle View
Ballyconry Ballyconry Ballyconry Listowel View
Ballyduff Ballyduff Ballyduff (in the former Rural District of Listowel) Listowel View
Ballyegan Ballyegan Ballyegan (in the former Rural District of Listowel) Listowel View
Ballyhar Ballyhar Ballyhar Killarney View
Ballyheigue Ballyheigue Ballyheige Listowel View
Ballyhorgan Ballyhorgan Ballyhorgan Listowel View
Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Ballynacourty Dingle View
Ballynahaglish Ballynahaglish Ballynahaglish Tralee View
Ballynorig Ballynorig Ballynorig Listowel View
Ballyseedy Ballyseedy Ballyseedy Tralee View
Banawn Banawn Banawn Killorglin View
Banna Banna Banna Listowel View
Baurtregaun Baurtregaun Baurtregaum Dingle View
Beal Beal Beal Listowel View
Blennerville Blennerville Blennerville Tralee View
Boolteens Boolteens Boolteens Dingle View
Brewsterfield Brewsterfield Brewsterfield Killarney View
Brosna Brosna Brosna Tralee View
Caher Caher Caher Killorglin View
Cappagh Cappagh Cappagh Killorglin View
Caragh Caragh Caragh Killorglin View
Carkar Carker Carker Killarney View
Carrig Carrig Carrig Listowel View
Castlecove Castlecove Castlecove Killorglin View
Castlegregory Castlegregory Castlegregory Dingle View
Castleisland Castleisland Castleisland Killarney View
Castlequin Castlequin Castlequin Killorglin View
Caherdaniel Caherdaniel Cathair Dnall Killorglin View
Causeway Causeway Causeway Listowel View
Brandon Brandon Cé Bhréanainn Dingle View
Ventry Ventry Ceann Trá Dingle View
Canuig Canuig Ceannúigh Killorglin View
Churchtown Churchtown Churchtown Killorglin View
Kilquane Kilquane Cill Chuáin Dingle View
Ardabawn Kilgarrylander Cill Maoilchéadair Dingle View
Kinard Kinard Cinn Aird Dingle View
Clogherbrien Clogherbrien Clogherbrien Tralee View
Cloon Cloon Cloon Killorglin View
Cloontubbrid Cloontubbrid Cloontubbrid Listowel View
Clydagh Clydagh Clydagh Killarney View
Coolies Coolies Coolies Killarney View
Coom Coom Coom Killarney View
Cordal Cordeal Cordal Killarney View
Crinny Crinny Crinny Tralee View
Curraghbeg Curraghbeg Curraghbeg Killorglin View
Curraghmore Curraghmore Curraghmore Killorglin View
Currana Currans Currans Killarney View
Dawros Dawros Dawros Killorglin View
Deelis Deelis Deelis Dingle View
Derreen Derreen Derreen Killarney View
Derrynane Darrynane Doire Fhíonáin Killorglin View
Derriana Derriana Doire Ianna Killorglin View
Doocarrig Doocarrig Doocarrig Killarney View
Doon Doon Doon Tralee View
Dromin Dromin Dromin Dingle View
Drommartin Dromartin Drommartin Listowel View
Dromore Dromore Dromore Killorglin View
Duagh Duagh Duagh Listowel View
Dunquin Dunquin Dún Chaoin Dingle View
Dunurlin Dunurlin Dún Urlann Dingle View
Dunloe Dunloe Dunloe Killorglin View
Ennismore Ennismore Ennismore Listowel View
Flesk Flesk Flesk Killarney View
Glanbehy Glanbehy Glanbehy Killorglin View
Glanlee Glanlee Glanlee Killorglin View
Glenlough Glanlough Glanlough Killorglin View
Glanmore Glanmore Glanmore Killorglin View
Gneeves Gneeves Gneeves Tralee View
Greenane Greenane Greenane Killorglin View
Gullane Gullane Gullane Listowel View
Gunsborough Gunsborough Gunsborough Listowel View
Headfort Headfort Headfort Killarney View
Inch Inch Inch Dingle View
Kenmare Kenmare Kenmare Killorglin View
Kerry Head Kerryhead Kerryhead Listowel View
Kilbonane Kilbonane Kilbonane Killorglin View
Kilcummin Kilcummin Kilcummin Killarney View
Kilfeighny Kilfeighny Kilfeighny Listowel View
Kilfelin Kilfelin Kilfelim Killarney View
Kilflyn Kilflyn Kilflyn Tralee View
Kilmalkedar Kilmalkedar Kilgarrylander Dingle View
Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Killorglin View
Kilgobban Kilgobban Kilgobban Dingle View
Kilgobnet Kilgobnet Kilgobnet Killorglin View
Killahan Killahan Killahan Listowel View
Killarney Rural Killarney Rural Killarney View
Killarney Killarney Urban Killarney Urban Killarney View
Killeentierna Killeentierna Killeentierna Killarney View
Killehenny Killehenny Killehenny Listowel View
Killinane Killinane Killinane Killorglin View
Killorglin Killorglin Killorglin Killorglin View
Killury Killury Killury Listowel View
Kilmeany Kilmeany Kilmeany Listowel View
Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Tralee View
Kilnanare Kilnanare Kilnanare Dingle View
Kilshenane Kilshenane Kilshenane Tralee View
Kiltallagh Kiltallagh Kiltallagh Dingle View
Kiltomy Kiltomy Kiltomy Listowel View
Knockglass Knockglass Knockglass Dingle View
Knocknagashel Knocknagashel Knocknagashel Tralee View
Knocknahoe Knocknahoe Knocknahoe Killarney View
Lack Lack Lack Dingle View
Lackabaun Lackabawn Lackabaun Tralee View
Lahard Lahard Lahard Killorglin View
Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Listowel View
Lickeen Lickeen Lickeen Killorglin View
Leislaughtin Lislaughtin Lislaughtin Listowel View
Lisselton Lisselton Lisselton Listowel View
Listowel Rural Listowel Rural Listowel Rural Listowel View
Listowel Urban Listowel Urban Listowel Urban Listowel View
Lixnaw Lixnaw Lixnaw Listowel View
Loughcurrane Loughcurrane Loch Luíoch Killorglin View
Loughbrin Loughbrin Loughbrin Killorglin View
Mastergreegy Máistir Gaoithe Killorglin View
Marhin Marhin Márthain Dingle View
Maum Maum Maum Killorglin View
Millbrook Millbrook Millbrook Killarney View
Milltown Milltown Milltown Dingle View
Molahiffe Molahiffe Molahiffe Killarney View
Mount Eagle Mount Eagle Mount Eagle Tralee View
Moynsha Moynsha Moynsha Listowel View
Muckross Muckross Muckross Killarney View
Bahaghs Bahaghs Na Beathacha Killorglin View
Glin Na Gleannta Dingle View
Newtownsandes Newtownsandes Newtownsandes Listowel View
Nohoval Nohaval Nohaval Tralee View
O'Brennan O'Brennan OBrennan Tralee View
Portmagee Portmagee Portmagee Killorglin View
Rathass Ratass Ratass Tralee View
Rathea Rathea Rathea Listowel View
Rathmore Rathmore Rathmore Killarney View
Reen Reen Reen Killorglin View
Rockfield Rockfield Rockfield Killarney View
Scartaglin Scartaglin Scartaglin Killarney View
Shronowen Shronowen Shronowen Listowel View
Sneem Sneem Sneem Killorglin View
Tahilla Tahilla Tahilla Killorglin View
Tarbert Tarbert Tarbert Listowel View
Tarmon Tarmon Tarmon Listowel View
St. Finans St. Finians Toghroinn Fhíonáin Killorglin View
Tralee Tralee Rural Tralee Rural Tralee View
Tralee Urban Tralee Urban (part of) Tralee Urban Tralee View
Teeranearagh Teeranearagh Trian Iarthach Killorglin View
Trienearagh Trienearagh Trienearagh Listowel View
Tubrid Tubrid Tubrid Listowel View
Urlee Urlee Urlee Listowel View
Valentia Valencia Valencia Killorglin View