DED List For County Laois
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Abbeyleix Abbeyleix Abbeyleix Borris-in-Ossory View
Aghmacart Aghmacart Aghmacart Borris-in-Ossory View
Arderin Arderin Arderin Mountmellick View
Ardough Ardough Ardough Luggacurren View
Arless Arless Arless Luggacurren View
Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler Luggacurren View
Ballinakill Ballinakill Ballinakill Borris-in-Ossory View
Ballyadams Ballyadams Ballyadams Luggacurren View
Ballybrittas Ballybrittas Ballybrittas Emo View
Ballybrophy Ballybrophy Ballybrophy Borris-in-Ossory View
Ballycarroll Ballycarroll Ballycarroll Emo View
Ballyfin Ballyfin Ballyfin Mountmellick View
Ballylehane Ballylehane Ballylehane Luggacurren View
Ballylynan Ballylynan Ballylynan Luggacurren View
Ballyroan Ballyroan Ballyroan Portlaoise View
Barrowhouse Barrowhouse Barrowhouse Luggacurren View
Blandsfort Blandsfort Blandsfort Luggacurren View
Borris Borris Borris Portlaoise View
Borris-in-Ossory Borris in Ossory Borris-in-Ossory Borris-in-Ossory View
Brisha Brisha Brisha Mountmellick View
Caher Caher Caher Borris-in-Ossory View
Capard Capard Capard Mountmellick View
Cappalough Cappalough Cappalough Mountmellick View
Cardtown Cardtown Cardtown Mountmellick View
Castlecuffe Castleduff Castlecuffe Mountmellick View
Castletown Castletown Castletown Borris-in-Ossory View
Clash Clash Clash Borris-in-Ossory View
Clonaslee Clonaslee Clonaslee Mountmellick View
Clondarrig Clondarrig Clondarrig Portlaoise View
Clonin Clonin Clonin Borris-in-Ossory View
Clonkeen Clonkeen Clonkeen Portlaoise View
Clonmore Clonmore Clonmore Borris-in-Ossory View
Colt Colt Colt Portlaoise View
Coolrain Coolrain Coolrain Borris-in-Ossory View
Cuffsborough Cuffsborough Cuffsborough Borris-in-Ossory View
Cullahill Cullahill Cullahill Borris-in-Ossory View
Cullenagh Cullenagh Cullenagh Portlaoise View
Curraclone Curraclone Curraclone Emo View
Dangans Dangans Dangans Mountmellick View
Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Borris-in-Ossory View
Donore Donore Donore Borris-in-Ossory View
Doonane Doonane Doonane Luggacurren View
Dunmore Dunmore Borris-in-Ossory View
Durrow Durrow Durrow Borris-in-Ossory View
Dysartgallen Dysartgallen Dysartgallen Luggacurren View
Emo Emo Emo Emo View
Errill Errill Errill Borris-in-Ossory View
Farnans Farnans Farnans Luggacurren View
Fossy Fossy Fossy Luggacurren View
Garrymore Garrymore Garrymore Mountmellick View
Graigue Graigue Graigue Mountmellick View
Graigue Rural Graigue Rural Graigue Rural (part of) Luggacurren View
Grantstown Grantstown Grantstown Borris-in-Ossory View
Jamestown Jamestown Jamestown Emo View
Kilcoke Kilcoke Kilcoke Borris-in-Ossory View
Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmbane Kilcolmanbane Portlaoise View
Kildellig Kildellig Kildellig Borris-in-Ossory View
Killabban Killabban Killabban Luggacurren View
Killermogh Killermogh Killermogh Borris-in-Ossory View
Kilmullen Kilmullen Kilmullen Emo View
Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Emo View
Kilnaseer Kilnaseer Kilnaseer Borris-in-Ossory View
Kyle Kyle Kyle Borris-in-Ossory View
Kyle South Kyle South Kyle South Borris-in-Ossory View
Lacka Lacka Lacka Mountmellick View
Luggacurren Luggagurren Luggacurren Luggacurren View
Marymount Marymount Marymount Borris-in-Ossory View
Meelick Meelick Meelick Mountmellick View
Moneenalassa Moneenalassa Moneenalassa Borris-in-Ossory View
Moneymore Moneymore Moneymore Borris-in-Ossory View
Mountmellick Rural Mountmellick Rural Mountmellick Rural Mountmellick View
Dangans, Mountmellick Town Mountmellick Urban Mountmellick Urban Mountmellick View
Mountrath Mountrath Mountrath Borris-in-Ossory View
Moyanna Moyanna Moyanna Emo View
Nealstown Nealstown Nealstown Borris-in-Ossory View
Newtown Newtown Newtown Luggacurren View
O'Moresforest Omorforest OMores Forest Mountmellick View
Portarlington South Portarlington South Portarlington South Emo View
Maryborough Rural Maryborough Rural Portlaoighise Rural Portlaoise View
Maryborough Urban Maryborough Urban Portlaoighise Urban Portlaoise View
Raheen Raheen Raheen Borris-in-Ossory View
Rathaspick Rathaspick Rathaspick Luggacurren View
Rathdowney Rathdowney Rathdowney Borris-in-Ossory View
Rathsaran Rathsaran Rathsaran Borris-in-Ossory View
Rearymore Rearymore Rearymore Mountmellick View
Rosenallis Rosenallis Rosenallis Mountmellick View
Rossmore Rossmore Rossmore Luggacurren View
Sallyford Sallyford Sallyford Emo View
Shaen Shaen Shaen Portlaoise View
Shrule Shrule Shrule Luggacurren View
Stradbally Stradbally Stradbally Emo View
Tankardstown Tankardstown Tankardstown Luggacurren View
Timahoe Timahoe Timahoe Luggacurren View
Timogue Timogue Timogue Luggacurren View
Tinnahinch Tinnahinch Tinnahinch Mountmellick View
Trumra Trumra Trumra Borris-in-Ossory View
Turra Turra Turra Luggacurren View
Vicarstown Vicarstown Vicarstown Emo View