DED List For County Leitrim
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Aghacashel Aghacashel Aghacashel Dromahaire View
Aghalateeve Aghalateeve Aghalateeve Manorhamilton View
Aghanlish Aghanlish Aghanlish Manorhamilton View
Aghavas Aghavas Aghavas Ballinamore View
Aghavoghil Aghavoghil Aghavoghill Manorhamilton View
Annaduff Annaduff Annaduff Carrick-on-Shannon View
Arigna Arigna Dromahaire View
Ballaghameehan Ballaghameehan Ballaghameehan Manorhamilton View
Ballinamore Ballinamore Ballinamore Ballinamore View
Barnameenagh Barnameenagh Barnameenagh Dromahaire View
Beihy Belhy Beihy Carrick-on-Shannon View
Belhavel Belhavel Belhavel Dromahaire View
Breandrum Breandrum Breandrum Carrick-on-Shannon View
Bunnybeg Bunnybeg Bunnybeg Carrick-on-Shannon View
Carrick-on-Shannon Carrick-on-Shannon Carrick-on-Shannon Carrick-on-Shannon View
Carrigallen East Carrigallen East Carrigallen East Ballinamore View
Carrigallen West Carrigallen West Carrigallen West Ballinamore View
Cashel Cashel Cashel Carrick-on-Shannon View
Castlefore Castlefore Castlefore Ballinamore View
Cattan Cattan Cattan Ballinamore View
Cloonclare Cloonclare Cloonclare Manorhamilton View
Cloone Cloone Cloone Ballinamore View
Cloonlogher Cloonlougher Cloonlogher Manorhamilton View
Cloverhill Cloverhill Cloverhill Ballinamore View
Corrala Corrala Corrala Ballinamore View
Corriga Corriga Corriga Ballinamore View
Drumahaire Drumahaire Drumahaire Dromahaire View
Drumard Drumard Drumard Carrick-on-Shannon View
Drumdoo Drumdoo Drumdoo Carrick-on-Shannon View
Drumkeeran Drumkeeran Drumkeeran Dromahaire View
Dromod Drumod Drumod Carrick-on-Shannon View
Drumreilly East Drumreilly East Drumreilly East Dromahaire View
Drumreilly North Drumreilly Drumreilly North Ballinamore View
Drumreilly South Drumreilly South Drumreilly South Ballinamore View
Drumreilly West Drumreilly West Drumreilly West Dromahaire View
Drumshanbo Drumshanbo Drumshanbo Dromahaire View
Drumsna Drumsna Drumsna Carrick-on-Shannon View
Fenagh Fenagh Fenagh Ballinamore View
Garadice Garadice Garradice Ballinamore View
Garvagh Garvagh Garvagh Dromahaire View
Glenade Glenade Glenade Manorhamilton View
Glenaniff Glenaniff Glenaniff Manorhamilton View
Glenboy Glenboy Glenboy Manorhamilton View
Glencar Glencar Glencar Manorhamilton View
Glenfarne Glenfarn Glenfarn Manorhamilton View
Gortermone Gortermone Gortermone Ballinamore View
Gortnagullion Gurtnagullion Gortnagullion Carrick-on-Shannon View
Gowel Gowell Gowel Carrick-on-Shannon View
Greaghglass Creaghglass Greaghglass Ballinamore View
Gubacreeny Gubacreeny Gubacreeny Manorhamilton View
Keeldra Keeldra Ballinamore View
Keshcarrigan Keshcarrigan Keshcarrigan Dromahaire View
Killanummery Killanummery Dromahaire View
Killarga Killarga Killarga Dromahaire View
Killygar Killygar Killygar Ballinamore View
Kiltubbrid Kiltubbrid Kiltubbrid Dromahaire View
Kiltyclogher Kiltyclogher Kiltyclogher Manorhamilton View
Kinlough Kinlough Kinlough Manorhamilton View
Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Dromahaire View
Lisgillock Lisgillock Lisgillock Ballinamore View
Lurganboy Lurganboy Lurganboy Manorhamilton View
Mahanagh Mahanagh Mahanagh Dromahaire View
Manorhamilton Manorhamilton Manorhamilton Manorhamilton View
Melvin Meluin Melvin Manorhamilton View
Moher Moher Moher Dromahaire View
Mohill Mohill Mohill Carrick-on-Shannon View
Munakill Munakill Munakill Manorhamilton View
Newtowngore Newtowngore Newtowngore Ballinamore View
Oughteragh Oughteragh Oughteragh Ballinamore View
Rinn Rinn Rinn Carrick-on-Shannon View
Riverstown Riverstown Riverstown Ballinamore View
Roosky Roosky Roosky Carrick-on-Shannon View
Rowan Rowan Rowan Ballinamore View
Sramore Sramore Sramore Manorhamilton View
St. Patrick's St. Patrick's St. Patricks Dromahaire View
Stralongford Stralongford Stralongford Dromahaire View
Tullaghan Tullaghan Tullaghan Manorhamilton View
Yugan Yugan Yugan Dromahaire View