DED List For County Mayo
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Owenbrin Owenbrin Abhainn Bhrain Castlebar View
Achill Achill Acaill Belmullet View
Addergoole Addergoole Addergoole Castlebar View
Aghagower North Aghagower, North Aghagower North Westport View
Aghagewer South Aughagower, South Aghagower South Westport View
Aghamore Aghamore Aghamore Swinford View
Aillemone Aillemore Aillemore Westport View
Cappaduff Cappaghduff An Cheapaigh Dhuibh Castlebar View
Corraun Achill Corraun An Corrán Belmullet View
Binghamstown South Binghamstown, South An Geata Mr Theas Belmullet View
Binghamstown North Binghamstown, North An Geata Mr Thuaidh Belmullet View
Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Ballina View
Ardlee View
Ardmaree North Ardnaree North Ardnaree North Ballina View
Ardmaree South Ardnaree South Ardnaree South Rural Ballina View
Ardnaree South Ardnaree, South Urban View
Attymass East Attymass East Attymass East Ballina View
Attymass West Attymass West Attymass West Ballina View
Ballinchalla Ballinchalla Baile an Chalaidh Castlebar View
Ballyovey Ballovey Baile Óbha Castlebar View
Balla Balla Balla Castlebar View
Ballina Rural Ballina Rural Ballina Rural Ballina View
Ballina Urban Ballina Urban Ballina Urban Ballina View
Ballinafad Ballinafad Ballinafad Castlebar View
Ballinamore Ballinamore Ballinamore Swinford View
Ballindine Ballindine Ballindine Claremorris View
Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Claremorris View
Ballycastle Ballycastle Ballycastle Belmullet View
Ballycroy North Ballycroy, North Ballycroy North Belmullet View
Ballycroy South Ballycroy South Ballycroy South Belmullet View
Ballyhaunis Ballyhaunis Urban Ballyhaunis Claremorris View
Ballyhean Ballyhean Ballyhean Castlebar View
Ballyhowly Ballyhowly Ballyhowly Claremorris View
Ballynagoraher Ballynagoraher Ballynagoraher Castlebar View
Ballysakeery Ballysakeery Ballysakeery Ballina View
Bangor Bangor Bangor Belmullet View
Barroosky Barrooskey Barr Rúscaí Belmullet View
Belmullet Belmullet Béal an Mhuirthead Belmullet View
Beldermore Belderg More Béal Deirg Mr Belmullet View
Bekan Bekan Bekan Claremorris View
Bellavary Bellavary Bellavary Castlebar View
Bohola Bohola Bohola Swinford View
Brackloon Brackloon Brackloon Swinford View
Breaghy Breaghwy Breaghwy Castlebar View
Bunaveela Bunaveela Belmullet View
Bundorragha Bundorragha Bundorragha Westport View
Burren Burren Burren Castlebar View
Burriscarra Burriscarra Burriscarra Castlebar View
Callow Callow Callow Swinford View
Caraun Caraun Caraun Claremorris View
Carrowmore Carrowmore Carrowmore Ballina View
Castlebar Rural Castlebar Rural Castlebar Rural Castlebar View
Castlebar Urban Castlebar Urban Castlebar Urban Castlebar View
Clare Island Clare Island Clare Island Westport View
Claremorris Claremorris Claremorris Claremorris View
Clogher Clogher Clogher Westport View
Cloghermore Cloghermore Cloghermore Claremorris View
Cloonkeen Cloonkeen Cloonkeen Castlebar View
Cloonmore Cloonmore Cloonmore Swinford View
Knockadaff Knockaduff Cnoc an Daimh Belmullet View
Knocknalower Knocknalower Cnoc na Lobhar Belmullet View
Rathill Rathill Cnoc na Ráithe Belmullet View
Cong Cong Cong Claremorris View
Coolnaha Coolnaha Coolnaha Claremorris View
Coonard Coonard Coonard Claremorris View
Course Course Course Claremorris View
Croaghmoyle Croaghmoyle Croaghmoyle Castlebar View
Croaghpatrick Croaghpatrick Croaghpatrick Westport View
Crossboyne Crossboyne Crossboyne Claremorris View
Crossmolina North Crossmolina North Crossmolina North Ballina View
Crossmolina South Crossmolina, South Crossmolina South Ballina View
Cuildoo Cuildoo Cuildoo Swinford View
Culnacleha Culnacleha Culnacleha Claremorris View
Dalgan Dalgan Dalgan Claremorris View
Deel Deel Deel Ballina View
Derry Derry Derry Ballina View
Derryloughan Derryloughan Derryloughan Westport View
Doocastle Doocastle Doocastle Swinford View
Drummin Drummin Drummin Westport View
Dooega Dooega Dumha Éige Belmullet View
Emlagh Emlagh Emlagh Westport View
Erriff Erriff Erriff Westport View
Fortlands Fortland Fortland Ballina View
Garrymore Garrymore Garrymore Claremorris View
Glencastle Glencastle Gleann Chaisil Belmullet View
Glenamoy Glenamoy Gleann na Muaidhe Belmullet View
Glenco Glenco Glenco Belmullet View
Glenkest Glenhest Glenhest Westport View
Goolamore Goolamore Guala Mhr Belmullet View
Hollymount Hollymount Hollymount Claremorris View
Houndswood Houndswood Houndswood Claremorris View
Islandeady Islandeady Islandeady Castlebar View
Kilbeagh Kilbeagh Kilbeagh Swinford View
Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman Claremorris View
Kilcommon Kilcommon Kilcommon Claremorris View
Kilfian East Kilfian, East Kilfian East Ballina View
Kilfian South Kilfian South Ballina View
Kilfian West Kilfian West Kilfian West Belmullet View
Kilgarvan Kilgarvin Kilgarvan Ballina View
Kilgeener Kilgeever Kilgeever Westport View
Kilkelly Kilkelly Kilkelly Swinford View
Killala Killala Killala Ballina View
Killavally Killavally Killavally Castlebar View
Killedan Killedan Swinford View
Kilmaclasser Kilmaclasser Kilmaclasser Westport View
Kilmaine Kilmaine Kilmaine Claremorris View
Kilmeena Kilmeena Kilmeena Westport View
Kilmore Kilmovee Kilmovee Swinford View
Kilsallagh Kilsallagh Kilsallagh Westport View
Kiltimagh Kiltamagh Kiltamagh Swinford View
Kilvine Kilvine Kilvine Claremorris View
Knappagh Knappa Knappagh Westport View
Knock North Knock North Knock North Claremorris View
Knock South Knock South Knock South Claremorris View
Lackan North Lackan, North Lackan North Belmullet View
Lackan South Lackan, South Lackan South Ballina View
Letterbrick Letterbrick Letterbrick Castlebar View
Loughanboy Loughanboy Loughanboy Claremorris View
Louisburgh Louisburg Louisburgh Westport View
Manulla Manulla Manulla Castlebar View
Mayo Mayo Mayo Claremorris View
Meelick Meelick Meelick Swinford View
Muingnabo Muingnabo Moing na B Belmullet View
Mount Falcon Mount Falcon Mount Falcon Ballina View
Murneen Murneen Murneen Claremorris View
Muings Muings Na Monga Belmullet View
Neale Neale Neale Claremorris View
Newbrook Newbrook Newbrook Claremorris View
New Port East Newport, East Newport East Belmullet View
Newport West Newport, West Newport West Belmullet View
Owennadernaun Owennadornaun Owennadornaun Westport View
Portroyal Portroyal Partraí Castlebar View
Pontoon Pontoon Pontoon Castlebar View
Rathoma Rathoma Rathoma Ballina View
Rosslee Rosslee Roslee Castlebar View
Sallymount Sallymount Sallymount Ballina View
Sheskin Sheskin Sheskin Belmullet View
Shrule Shrule Shrule Claremorris View
Slievemahanagh Slievemahanagh Slievemahanagh Westport View
Slievemore Slievemore Slievemore Belmullet View
Sonnagh Sonnagh Swinford View
Sraheen Sraheen Sraheen Swinford View
Srahmore Srahmore Srahmore Belmullet View
Strade Strade Strade Castlebar View
Swineford Swineford Swineford Swinford View
Tagheen Tagheen Tagheen Claremorris View
Tawnynagry Tawnynagry Tamhnaigh na Graí Castlebar View
Toorcananagh Toocananagh Toocananagh Swinford View
Toomore Toomore Toomore Swinford View
Tumgesh Tumgesh Tumgesh Swinford View
Turlough Turlough Turlough Castlebar View
Urlaur Urlaur Urlaur Swinford View
Westport Rural Westport, (Rural) Westport Rural Westport View
Westport Urban Westport, Urban Westport Urban Westport View