DED List For County Meath
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Rathmore Rathmore An Ráth Mhr Kells View
Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Kells View
Ardbraccan Ardbraccan Ardbraccan Navan View
Ardcath Ardcath Ardcath Slane View
Ardmulchan Ardmulchan Ardmulchan Navan View
Ardnamullan Ardnamullan Ardnamullan Trim View
Athboy Athboy Baile Átha Buí Kells View
Ballinlough Ballinlough Ballinlough Kells View
Ballyboggan Ballyboggan Ballyboggan Trim View
Ballyconnell Ballyconnell Ballyconnell Trim View
Balrathboyne Balrothboyne Balrathboyne Kells View
Bective Bective Bective Navan View
Boherboy Boherboy Boherboy Kells View
Burry Burry Burry Kells View
Carricleck Carrickleek Carrickleck Kells View
Castlejordan Castlejordan Castlejordan Trim View
Castlekeeran Castlekeeran Castlekeeran Kells View
Castlerickard Castlerichard Castlerickard Trim View
Castletown Castletown Castletown Navan View
Kells Rural Kells Rural Ceanannas Mr Rural Kells View
Kilbride Kilbride Cill Bhríde Kells View
Cloghbrack Cloghbrack Cloghbrack Trim View
Clonmacduff Clonmacduff Clonmacduff Navan View
Crossakeel Crossakeel Crossakeel Kells View
Crosskeys Crosskeys Crosskeys Kells View
Cruicetown Cruicetown Cruicetown Kells View
Culmullin Culmullin Culmullin Dunshaughlin View
Donaghpatrick Donaghpatrick Domhnach Phádraig Navan View
Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Dunshaughlin View
Drumcondra Drumcondra Drumcondra Kells View
Duleek Duleek Duleek Slane View
Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin View
Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin Dunshaughlin View
Gallow Gallow Gallow Dunshaughlin View
Galtrim Galtrim Galtrim Trim View
Girley Girley Girley Kells View
Grangegeeth Grangegeeth Grangegeeth Slane View
Grennanstown Grennanstown Grennanstown Kells View
Hawkinstown View
Hill of Down Hill of Down Hill of Down Trim View
Innfield Innfield Innfield Trim View
Julianstown Julianstown Julianstown Slane View
Kells Kells Urban Kells Urban Kells View
Kentstown Kentstown Kentstown Navan View
Kilbrew Kilbrew Kilbrew Dunshaughlin View
Kilcooly Kilcooly Kilcooly Trim View
Kildalkey Kildalkey Kildalkey Trim View
Killaconnigan Killaconnigan Trim View
Killallon Killallon Killallon Kells View
Killary Killary Killary Slane View
Killeagh Killeagh Killeagh Kells View
Killeen Killeen Killeen Dunshaughlin View
Killyon Killyon Killyon Trim View
Kilmainham Kilmainham Kilmainham Kells View
Kilmessan Kilmessan Kilmessan Dunshaughlin View
Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Dunshaughlin View
Kilskeer Kilskeer Kilskeer Kells View
Knocklough Knocklough Knocklough Kells View
Laracor Laracor Laracor Trim View
Loughan Loughan Loughan Kells View
Maperath Maperath Maperath Kells View
Martry Martry Martry Kells View
Mellifont Mellifont Mellifont Slane View
Moybolge Moybolgue Moybolgue Kells View
Moylough Moylagh Moylagh Kells View
Moynalty Moynalty Moynalty Kells View
Navan Rural Navan Rural Navan Rural Navan View
Navan Urban Navan Urban Navan Urban Navan View
Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Kells View
Newtown Newtown Newtown Kells View
Nobber Nobber Nobber Kells View
Oldcastle Oldcastle Oldcastle Kells View
Painestown Painestown Painestown Slane View
Posseckstown Posseckstown Posseckstown Kells View
Rahinstown Rahinstown Rahinstown Trim View
Rathfeigh Rathfeigh Navan View
Rathkenny Rathkenny Rathkenny Navan View
Rathmolyon Rathmolyon Rathmolyon Trim View
Ratoath Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin View
Rodanstown Rodanstown Rodanstown Dunshaughlin View
Skreen Skreen Skreen Navan View
Slane Slane Slane Slane View
St. Mary's St. Mary's St. Marys Slane View
Stackalla Stackallan Stackallan Slane View
Staholmog Staholmog Staholmog Kells View
Stamullin Stamullin Stamullin Slane View
Stonefield Stonefield Stonefield Kells View
Summerhill Summerhill Summerhill Trim View
Teltown Teltown Tailtin Kells View
Tara Tara Tara Navan View
Trim Rural Trim Rural Trim Rural Trim View
Trim Urban Trim Urban Trim Urban Trim View
Trohanny Trohanny Trohanny Kells View