DED List For County Monaghan
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Aghabog Aghabog Aghabog Clones View
Anketell Grove Anketell Grove Anketell Grove Monaghan View
Annayalla Annayalla Annayalla Castleblayney View
Anny Anny Anny Clones View
Ballybay Rural Ballybay Rural Ballybay Rural Castleblayney View
Ballybay Town Ballybary Urban Ballybay Urban Castleblayney View
Ballymackney Ballymackney Ballymackney Carrickmacross View
Bellanode Bellanode Bellanode Monaghan View
Bellabrain Bellatrain Bellatrain Carrickmacross View
Bocks Bocks Bocks Carrickmacross View
Bragan Bragan Bragan Monaghan View
Broomfield Broomfield Broomfield Castleblayney View
Caddagh Caddagh Caddagh Clones View
Carrickaslane Carrickaslane Carrickaslane Castleblayney View
Carrickatee Carrickatee Carrickatee Castleblayney View
Carrickmacross (Rural) Carrickmacross Rural Carrickmacross Rural Carrickmacross View
Carrickmacross (Urban) Carrickmacross Urban Carrickmacross Urban Carrickmacross View
Castleblayney View
Castleblayney Rural Castleblayney Rural Castleblayney Rural Castleblayney View
Castleblayney Urban Castleblayney Urban Castleblayney Urban Castleblayney View
Castleshane Castleshane Castleshane Monaghan View
Church Hill Church Hill Church Hill Castleblayney View
Clones Clones Clones Clones View
Clones Rural Clones Rural Clones Rural Clones View
Clones Urban Clones Urban Clones Urban Clones View
Clontibret Clontibret Clontibret Castleblayney View
Cormeen Cormeen Cormeen Clones View
Corracharra Corracharra Corracharra Carrickmacross View
Creeve Creeve Creeve Clones View
Cremartin Cremartin Castleblayney View
Crosslara Crossalare Crossalare Carrickmacross View
Currin Currin Currin Clones View
Dawsongrove Dawsongrove Dawsongrove Clones View
Derrygorry Derrygorry Derrygorry Monaghan View
Donaghmoyne Donaghmoyne Donaghmoyne Carrickmacross View
Drum Drum Drum Clones View
Drumboory Drumboory Drumboory Carrickmacross View
Drumcarrow Drumcarrow Drumcarrow Carrickmacross View
Drumgurra Drumgurra Drumgurra Carrickmacross View
Drumhillagh Drumhillagh Drumhillagh Clones View
Drummully Drummully Drummully Clones View
Drumsnat Drumsnat Drumsnat Clones View
Emyvale Emyvale Emyvale Monaghan View
Enagh Enagh Enagh Monaghan View
Figullar Figullar Figullar Monaghan View
Glaslough Glaslough Glaslough Monaghan View
Greagh Greagh Greagh Castleblayney View
Inniskeen Inishkeen Inishkeen Carrickmacross View
Killeevan Killeevan Killeevan Clones View
Killylough Killylough Killylough Monaghan View
Killynenagh Killynenagh Killynenagh Clones View
Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Clones View
Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Carrickmacross View
Kiltybegs Kiltybegs Kiltybegs Carrickmacross View
Laragh Laragh Laragh Carrickmacross View
Lisnaveane Lisnaveane Lisnaveane Clones View
Loughfea Loughfea Loughfea Carrickmacross View
Monaghan Rural Monaghan Rural Monaghan Rural Monaghan View
Monaghan Urban Monaghan Urban Monaghan View
Mullyash Mullyash Mullyash Castleblayney View
Newbliss Newbliss Newbliss Clones View
Rockwallace Rackwallace Rackwallace Monaghan View
Raferagh Raferagh Raferagh Carrickmacross View
Scotstown Scotstown Scotstown Monaghan View
Shanmullagh Shanmullagh Shanmullagh Monaghan View
Sheskin Sheskin Sheskin Monaghan View
St. Tierney St. Tierney St. Tierney Clones View
Tedavnet Tedavnet Tedavnet Monaghan View
Tehallan Tehallan Tehallan Monaghan View
Tullycorbet Tullycorbett Tullycorbet Castleblayney View