DED List For County Offaly
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Aghancon Aghancon Aghancon Birr View
Ballaghassaan Ballaghassaan Ballaghassaan Edenderry View
Ballincor Ballincor Ballincor Birr View
Ballyburly Ballyburly Ballyburly Edenderry View
Ballycommon Ballycommon Ballycommon Tullamore View
Ballycumber Ballycumber Ferbane View
Ballymacwilliam Ballymacwillian Ballymacwilliam Edenderry View
Ballyshear Ballyshear Ballyshear Edenderry View
Banagher Banagher Banagher Ferbane View
Barna Barna Barna Birr View
Bawn Bawn Bawn Ferbane View
Birr (Rural) Birr Rural Birr Rural Birr View
Birr Urban Birr Urban Birr Urban Birr View
Bracknagh Brachnagh Bracknagh Edenderry View
Broughal Broughal Broughal Ferbane View
Cangort Canfort Cangort Birr View
Cappancur Cappancar Cappancur Tullamore View
Clara Clara Clara Tullamore View
Cloghan Cloghan Cloghan Ferbane View
Clonbulloge Clonbulloge Clonbulloge Edenderry View
Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise Clonmacnoise Ferbane View
Clonmore Clonmore Clonmore Edenderry View
Clonygowan Clonygowan Clonygowan Edenderry View
Croghan Croghan Croghan Edenderry View
Cullenwaine Cullenwaine Cullenwaine Birr View
Daingean Edenderry View
Derrinboy Derrinboy Derrinboy Ferbane View
Derryad Derryad Derryad Ferbane View
Derrycooley Derrycooley Derrycooley Ferbane View
Doon Doon Doon Ferbane View
Dromoyle Dromoyle Dromoyle Birr View
Drumcullen Drumcullen Drumcullen Ferbane View
Dunkerrin Dunkerrin Dunkerrin Birr View
Durrow Durrow Durrow Tullamore View
Edenderry Rural Edenderry Rural Edenderry View
Edenderry Edenderry Urban Edenderry Urban Edenderry View
Eglish Eglish Eglish Birr View
Esker Esker Esker Edenderry View
Ettagh Ettagh Ettagh Birr View
Ferbane Ferbane Ferbane Ferbane View
Frankford Frankford View
Gallen Gallen Gallen Ferbane View
Geashill Geashill Geashill Edenderry View
Gorteen Gorteen Gorteen Birr View
Hammerlane Hammerlane Hammerlane Edenderry View
Hinds Hinds Hinds Ferbane View
Huntston Hunston Huntston Ferbane View
Kilclonferk Kilclonfert Kilclonfert Edenderry View
Kilcolman Kilcolman Kilcolman Birr View
Kilcormac Ferbane View
Kilcumreragh Kilcumreragh Kilcumreragh Tullamore View
Killeigh Killeigh Killeigh Tullamore View
Killooly Killooly Killooly Ferbane View
Killoughy Killoughy Killoughy Ferbane View
Killyon Killyon Killyon Birr View
Kinnetty Kinnitty Kinnitty Birr View
Knockbarron Knockbarron Knockbarron Birr View
Knockdrin Knockdrin Knockdrin Edenderry View
Lea Lea Lea Ferbane View
Letter Letter Letter Birr View
Lumcloom Lumcloom Lumcloon Ferbane View
Lusmagh Lusmagh Lusmagh Birr View
Nonasteroris Monasteroris Monasteroris Edenderry View
Mountbriscoe Mountbriscoe Mountbriscoe Edenderry View
Mounterin Mounterin Mounterin Birr View
Mountheaton Mountheaton Mountheaton Birr View
Moyclare Moyclare Moyclare Ferbane View
O'Dempsey O'Dempsey ODempsey Edenderry View
Philipstown Philipstown View
Portarlington North Portarlington North Portarlington North Edenderry View
Rahan Rahan Rahan Ferbane View
Ratheenakeeran Raheenakeeran Raheenakeeran Edenderry View
Rathfeston Rathfeston Rathfeston Edenderry View
Rathrobin Rathrobin Rathrobin Tullamore View
Roscomroe Roscomroe Roscomroe Birr View
Screggan Screggan Screggan Tullamore View
Seirkieran Suirkieran Seirkieran Birr View
Shannonbridge Shannon Bridge Shannonbridge Ferbane View
Shannon Harbour Shannon Harbour Shannonharbour Ferbane View
Shinrone Shinrone Shinrone Birr View
Silverbrook Silverbrook Silverbrook Tullamore View
Srah Srah Srah Ferbane View
Templeharry Templeharry Templeharry Birr View
Tinamuck Tinamuck Tinamuck Tullamore View
Tinnycross Tianycross Tinnycross Tullamore View
Tulla Tulla Tulla Birr View
Tullamore Rural Tullamore Rural Tullamore Rural Tullamore View
Tullamore Urban Tullamore Urban Tullamore Urban Tullamore View