DED List For County Sligo
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Achonty East Achonry East Achonry East Tobercurry View
Achonry West Achonry West Achonry West Tobercurry View
Aclare Aclare Aclare Tobercurry View
Aghanagh Aghanagh Aghanagh Ballymote View
Annagh Annagh Annagh Dromore View
Aughris Aughris Aughis Dromore View
Ballintogher East Ballintogher East Ballymote View
Ballintogher West Ballintogher East Ballintogher West Ballymote View
Ballymote Ballymote Ballymote Ballymote View
Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballymote View
Ballynashee Ballynashee Ballynashee Ballymote View
Ballysadare East Ballysadare East Ballysadare East Dromore View
Ballysadare West Ballysadare West Ballysadare West Dromore View
Banada Banada Banada Tobercurry View
Branchfield Branchfield Branchfield Dromore View
Breencorragh Breencorragh Breencorragh Tobercurry View
Bricklieve Bricklieve Bricklieve Ballymote View
Buncrowey Buncrowey Buncrowey Dromore View
Calry Calry Calry Sligo Drumcliff View
Carney Carney Carney Sligo Drumcliff View
Carrickbanagher Carrickbanagher Carrickbanagher Ballymote View
Carrownaskeagh Carrownaskeagh Carrownasheagh Dromore View
Cartron Cartron Cartron Dromore View
Castleconor East Castleconor E. Castleconor East Dromore View
Castleconor West Castleconor Castleconor West Dromore View
Cliffony North Cliffony North Cliffony North Sligo Drumcliff View
Cliffony South Cliffony South Cliffony South Sligo Drumcliff View
Cloonacool Cloonacool Cloonacool Tobercurry View
Cloonoghill Cloonoghill Cloonoghill Tobercurry View
Collooney Collooney Collooney Ballymote View
Coolaney Coolaney Coolaney Dromore View
Coolavin Coolavin Tobercurry View
Cuilmore Cuilmore Cuilmore Tobercurry View
Dromard East Dromard East Dromard East Dromore View
Dromard West Dromard West Dromard West Dromore View
Dromore Dromore Dromore Dromore View
Drumcliff East Drumcliff East Drumcliff East Sligo Drumcliff View
Drumcliff West Drumcliff West Drumcliff West Sligo Drumcliff View
Drumcolumb Drumcolumb Drumcolumb Ballymote View
Drumfin Drumfin Drumfin Ballymote View
Drumrat Drumrat Drumrat Tobercurry View
Easky East Easky East Easky East Dromore View
Easky West Easky West Easky West Dromore View
Glencar Glencar Glencar Sligo Drumcliff View
Glendarragh Glendarragh Glendarragh Tobercurry View
Gurteen View
Kilfree Kilfre Kilfree Tobercurry View
Kilglass Kilglass Kilglass Dromore View
Killadeen Killadoon Killadoon Ballymote View
Killaraght Killaraght Killaraght Tobercurry View
Kilmacowen Kilmacowen Kilmacowen Sligo Strandhill View
Kilmacteige Kilmacteige Kilmacteige Tobercurry View
Kilmactranny Kilmactranny Kilmactranny Ballymote View
Kilshalvy Kilshalvy Kilshalvy Tobercurry View
Kilturra Kilturra Kilturra Tobercurry View
Knockaree Knockarea Knockaree Sligo Strandhill View
Lakeview Lakeview Lakeview Ballymote View
Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Tobercurry View
Lisconny Lisconny Lisconny Ballymote View
Lissadill East Lissadill East Lissadill East Sligo Drumcliff View
Lissadill North Lissadill North Lissadill North Sligo Drumcliff View
Lissadill West Lissadill West Lissadill West Sligo Drumcliff View
Laughil Loughil Loughil Tobercurry View
Mullagharuse Mallagheruse Mullagheruse Dromore View
Owenmore Owenmore Owenmore Tobercurry View
Rathmacurkey Rathmacurkey Rathmacurkey Dromore View
Rathmacurke View
Riverstown Riverstown Riverstown Ballymote View
Rossinver East Rossinver East Rossinver East Sligo Drumcliff View
Rossinver West Rossinver West Rossinver West Sligo Drumcliff View
Shancough Shancough Shancough Ballymote View
Skreen Skreen Skreen Dromore View
Sligo East Urban Sligo East Sligo East Sligo Strandhill View
Sligo North Urban Sligo North Urban Sligo North Sligo Drumcliff View
Sligo Town in 19 files Sligo North (Urban) View
Sligo West Urban Sligo West Urban Sligo West Sligo Strandhill View
Streamstown Streamstown Streamstown Tobercurry View
Temple Temple Temple Dromore View
Templeboy North Templeboy North Templeboy North Dromore View
Templeboy South Templeboy South Templeboy South Dromore View
Templevanny Templevanny Templevanny Ballymote View
Tobercurry Tobercurry Tobercurry Tobercurry View
Toberpatrick East Toberpatrick East Toberpatrick East Dromore View
Toberpatrick West Toberpatrick West Toberpatrick West Dromore View
Toomour Toomour Toomour Tobercurry View