DED List For County Tipperary
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Arington Abington Abington Newport View
Aghnameadle Aghnameadle Aghnameadle Templemore View
Aghlishcloghane Aglishcloghane Aglishcloghane Nenagh View
Anner Anner Anner Fethard View
Annfield View
Ardcrony Ardcrony Ardcrony Nenagh View
Ardfinnan Ardfinan Ardfinnan Cahir View
Ardmayle Ardmoyle Ardmayle Cashel View
Ardsallagh Ardsallagh Ardsallagh Cashel View
Ballina Ballina Ballina Newport View
Ballinderry View
Ballingarry Ballingarry Ballingarry Nenagh View
Ballybacon Ballybacon Ballybacon Cahir View
Ballycahill Ballycahill Ballycahill Thurles View
Ballycarron Ballycarron Ballycarron Tipperary View
Ballyclerahan Ballyclerahan Ballyclerahan Clonmel View
Ballygibbon Ballygibbon Ballygibbon Nenagh View
Ballygriffin Ballygriffin Ballygriffin Cashel View
Ballykisteen Ballykisteen Ballykisteen Tipperary View
Ballyluskey Ballylusky Ballylusky Nenagh View
Ballymackey Ballymackey Ballymackey Newport View
Ballymurreen Ballymurreen Ballymurreen Thurles View
Ballynaclogh Ballynaclogh Ballynaclogh Newport View
Ballyphilip Ballyphilip Ballyphilip Fethard View
Ballyporeen Ballyporeen Ballyporeen Cahir View
Ballysheehan Ballysheehan Ballysheehan Cashel View
Bansha Bansha Bansha Tipperary View
Birdhill Birohill Birdhill Newport View
Borrisnafarney Borrisnafarney Borrisnafarney Templemore View
Borrisnoe Borrisnoe Borrisnoe Templemore View
Borrisokane Borrisokane Borrisokane Nenagh View
Borrisoleigh Borrisoleigh Borrisoleigh Templemore View
Bourney East Bourney East Bourney East Templemore View
Bourney West Bourney West Bourney West Templemore View
Bruis Bruis Bruis Tipperary View
Buolick Buolick Buolick Fethard View
Burgesbeg Burgesbeg Burgesbeg Newport View
Burncourt Burncourt Burncourt Cahir View
Caher Caher Caher Cahir View
Cappagh Cappagh Cappagh Tipperary View
Carrick-on-Suir (Rural) Carrick-on-Suir Rural Fethard View
Carrick-on-Suir (Urban) View
Carrick-On-Suir Carrick-on-Suir (Urban) Carrick-on-Suir Urban Fethard View
Carrick Beg Urban Carrick-on-Suir Town Carrickbeg Urban View
Carrig Carrig Carrig Nenagh View
Carrickatogher Carrigatogher Carrigtogher Newport View
Cashel Rural Cashel Rural Cashel Rural Cashel View
Cashel Urban Cashel Urban Cashel Urban Cashel View
Castletownarra Castletown Castletown Newport View
Clogheen Clogheen Clogheen Cahir View
Clogher Clogher Clogher Cashel View
Cloghjordan Cloughjordan Cloghjordan Nenagh View
Cloghprior Cloghprior Cloghprior Nenagh View
Clohaskin Clohaskin Clohaskin Nenagh View
Clonbeg Clonbeg Clonbeg Tipperary View
Cloneen Cloneen Cloneen Fethard View
Clonmel Rural Clonmel Rural Clonmel Rural Clonmel View
Clonmel East Urban Clonmel East Urban Clonmel Urban Clonmel View
Clonmel West Urban Clonmel West Urban Clonmel Urban Clonmel View
Clonoulty East Clonoulty East Clonoulty East Cashel View
Clonoulty West Clonoulty West Clonoulty West Cashel View
Colman Colman Colman Clonmel View
Coolagarranroe Coolagarranroe Coolagarranroe Cahir View
Cooleagh Cooleagh Cooleagh Fethard View
Crohane Crohane Crohane Fethard View
Cullen Cullen Cullen Tipperary View
Curraheen Curraheen Curraheen Tipperary View
Derrycastle Derrycastle Derrycastle Newport View
Derrygrath Derrygrath Derrygrath Cahir View
Dolla Dolla Dolla Newport View
Donohill Donohill Donohill Tipperary View
Drangan Drangan Drangan Fethard View
Drom Drom Drom Templemore View
Drumwood Drumwood Drumwood Tipperary View
Emly Emly Emly Tipperary View
Farranrory Farranrory Farranrory Fethard View
Fennor Fennor Fennor Fethard View
Fethard Fethard Town Fethard Town Fethard Fethard View
Finnoe Finnoe Finnoe Nenagh View
Foilnaman Foilnaman Foilnaman Newport View
Gaile Gaile Gaile Cashel View
Garrangibbon Garrangibbon Garrangibbon Fethard View
Glengar Glengar Glengar Tipperary View
Glenkeen Glenkeen Glenkeen Newport View
Golden Golden Golden Tipperary View
Gortkelly Gortkelly Gortkelly Thurles View
Graigue Graigue Graigue Nenagh View
Greenhall Greenhall Greenhall Newport View
Graystown Graystown Greystown Cashel View
Holycross Holycross Holycross Thurles View
Inch Inch Thurles View
Inishlounaght Inishlounaght Inishlounaght Clonmel View
Kilbarron Kilbarron Kilbarron Nenagh View
Kilcash Kilcash Kilcash Clonmel View
Kilcomenty Kilcomenty Kilcomenty Newport View
Kilcommon Kilcommon Cahir View
Kilcooly Kilcooly Kilcooly Fethard View
Kilcoran Kilcoran Kilcoran Cahir View
Kilfeakle Kilfeakle Kilfeakle Tipperary View
Kilkeary Kilkeary Kilkeary Newport View
Killadriffe Killadriffe Killadriffe Cahir View
Killaloan Killaloan Killaloan Clonmel View
Killavinoge Killavinoge Killavinoge Templemore View
Killea Killea Killea Templemore View
Killeenasteena Killeenasteena Killeenasteena Cashel View
Killenaule Killenaule Killenaule Fethard View
Killoscully Killoscully Killoscully Newport View
Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Newport View
Kilmucklin Kilmucklin Kilmucklin Tipperary View
Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Fethard View
Kilnaneave Kilnaweave Kilnaneave Newport View
Kilnarath Kilnarath Kilnarath Newport View
Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Cashel View
Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Thurles View
Kilsheelan Kilsheelan Kilsheelan Clonmel View
Kiltinan Kiltinan Kiltinan Clonmel View
Kilvemnon Kilvemnon Kilvemnon Fethard View
Knigh Knigh Knigh Nenagh View
Knockgraffon Knockgraffon Knockgraffon Cahir View
Lackagh Lackagh Lackagh Newport View
Latteragh Latteragh Latteragh Newport View
Lattin Lattin Lattin Tipperary View
Lisronagh Lisronagh Lisronagh Clonmel View
Littleton Littleton Littleton Thurles View
Longfordpass Longfordpass Longfordpass Thurles View
Lorrha East Lorrha East Lorrha East Nenagh View
Lorrha West Lorrha West Lorrha West Nenagh View
Loughmore Loughmoe Loughmore Templemore View
Magorban Magorban Magorban Cashel View
Mertonhall Mertonhall Mertonhall Nenagh View
Modeshill Modeshil Modeshil Fethard View
Monsea Monsea Monsea Nenagh View
Mortlestown Mortlestown Mortlestown Cahir View
Moyaliff Moyaliff Moyaliff Thurles View
Moycarky Moycarry Moycarky Thurles View
Moyne Moyne Moyne Templemore View
Mullinahone Mullinahone Mullinahone Fethard View
Nenagh Rural Nenagh Rural Nenagh Rural Nenagh View
Nenagh East Urban Nenagh East Urban Nenagh Urban Nenagh View
Nenagh West Urban Nenagh West Urban Nenagh Urban Nenagh View
New Birmingham New Birmingham New Birmingham Fethard View
Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Cahir View
Newport Newport Newport Newport View
Newtown Newtown Newtown Fethard View
Nodstown Nodstown Nodstown Cashel View
Oughterleague Oughterleague Oughterleague Cashel View
Peppardstown Peppardstown Peppardstown Fethard View
Poyntstown Poyntstown Poyntstown Fethard View
Rahelty Rahelty Rahelty Thurles View
Rathabbin Rathcabban Rathcabban Nenagh View
Rathlynin Rathlynin Rathlynin Tipperary View
Rathnaveoge Rathnaveoge Rathnaveoge Templemore View
Redwood Redwood Redwood Nenagh View
Riverstown Riverstown Riverstown Nenagh View
Rodus Rodus Rodus Tipperary View
Roscrea Roscrea Roscrea Templemore View
Shronell Shronell Shronell Tipperary View
Solloghodbeg Solloghodbeg Solloghodbeg Tipperary View
Templederry Templederry Templederry Newport View
Templemore Templemore Urban Templemore Urban Templemore View
Templeneiry Templeneiry Templeneiry Tipperary View
Templetouhy Templetouhy Templetouhy Templemore View
Terryglass Terryglass Terryglass Nenagh View
Thomastown Thomastown Thomastown Tipperary View
Thurles Rural Thurles Rural Thurles Rural Thurles View
Thurles Town Thurles Urban Thurles Urban Thurles View
Timoney Timoney Timoney Templemore View
Tipperary Rural Tipperary Rural Tipperary Rural Tipperary View
Tipperary Town Tipperary E. Urban Tipperary Urban Tipperary View
Tipperary West Urban Tipperary West Urban Tipperary Urban Tipperary View
Tubrid Tubbrid Tubbrid Cahir View
Tullaghmelan Tullaghmelan Tullaghmelan Clonmel View
Tullaghorton Tullaghorton Tullaghorton Cahir View
Tullamain Tullamain Tullamain Cashel View
Two Mile Borris Two-Mile-Borris Twomileborris Thurles View
Upperchurch Upperchurch Upperchurch Thurles View
Uskane Uskane Uskane Nenagh View
Youghalarra Youghalarra Youghalarra Newport View