DED List For County Tyrone
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Aghafad View
Aghintain Aghintain Aghintain View
Aghnahoe Aghnahoe Aghnahoe View
Altaclady Attaclady View
Altmore Altmore Altmore Torrent View
Ardstraw View
Athenree Athenree View
Aughancloy Urban Aughancloy Town in 17 files Aughnacloy Urban View
Augher Augher Augher Clogher Valley View
Aughnacloy Rural Aughnacloy Rural Aughnacloy Rural View
Balix View
Ballagh Ballagh Ballagh View
Ballyclog Ballyclog Ballyclog View
Ballygawley Ballygawley Ballygawley Clogher Valley View
Ballymagorry Ballymagorry Ballymagorry View
Ballymagran Ballymagran View
Ballynasollus Ballynasollus View
Ballyneaner Ballyneaner View
Baronscourt Baronscourt Baronscourt View
Beaghmore Beaghmore Beaghmore View
Benburb Benburb Benburb Blackwater View
Beragh Beragh Beragh Mid Tyrone View
Bernagh Bernagh Bernagh View
Birnaghs View
Bomackatall Bomackatall View
Brantry Brantry View
Bready View
Bush View
Caledon Caledon Caledon Blackwater View
Camderry Camderry Camderry View
Camowen Camowen View
Camus Camus Camus View
Carnkenny View
Carrickmore Carrickmore View
Carryglass Carryglass View
Castlebane Castlebane Castlebane View
Castlecaulfield Castlecaulfield Castlecaulfield Clogher Valley View
Castlederg Castlederg View
Castletown View
Cecil Cecil View
Churchlands Churchlands View
Clanabogan Clanabogan View
Clananeese Clare Clare Derg View
Clare Cloghan View
Clogher Clonaneese Clonaneese View
Clogher Clogher Valley View
Clonavaddy Clonavaddy Clonavaddy View
Clunahill Clunahill Clunahill View
Coagh Coagh Coagh Ballinderry View
Coalisland View
Cole Cole Cole View
Cookstown Cookstown Rural Cookstown View
Cookstown Urban View
Corgary Corgary View
Corlea View
Cranagh View
Creggan Creggan Creggan Slieve Gullion View
Crockanboy Crockanboy Crockanboy View
Crossdernot Crossdernot Crossdernot View
Cullamore Cullamore Cullamore View
Cullion View
Derrybard Derrybard View
Derrygortrevy Derrygortrevy View
Dervaghroy Dervaghroy Dervaghroy View
Donaghmore Donaghmore Donaghmore Torrent View
Doorat View
Douglas View
Douglasburn Douglasburn View
Draughton Draughton View
Dromore Dromore Dromore West Tyrone View
Drumakilly View
Drumaspil Drumaspil View
Drumharvey Drumharvey Drumharvey View
Drumnakilly Drumnakilly View
Drumquin Drumquin Drumquin West Tyrone View
Dunbreen Dunbreen Dunbreen View
Dungannon Dungannon Dungannon View
Dunnalong Dunnalong View
Dunnamanagh Dunnamanagh Dunnamanagh Glenelly View
Ecclesville View
Edenderry Central View
Edymore View
Errigal Errigal Errigal View
Fallagh Fallagh Fallagh View
Fallaghearn Fallaghern Fallaghearn View
Favor Royal Favor Royal Favour Royal View
Fintona Fintona Fintona West Tyrone View
Fivemiletown Fivemiletown Fivemiletown Clogher Valley View
Foremass Foremass Foremass View
Glenchiel Glenchiel View
Glenlark Glenlark Glenlark View
Glenmornan Glenmornan Glenmornan View
Glenroan Glenroan View
Gortgranagh Gortgranagh View
Gortin Gortin Gortin Mid Tyrone View
Grange Bannside View
Granville View
Greenan Greenan Greenan View
Killeenan Killenan Killeenan View
Killen Killen Killen View
Killeter Killeter View
Killyclogher Killyclogher View
Killyclooney View
Killycloony View
Killycolpy Killycolpy Killycolpy Ballinderry View
Killyfaddy Kilfaddy Killyfaddy View
Killyman Blackwater View
Kilskeery Kilskeery Kilskeery View
Kirlish View
Leckpatrick View
Lifford View
Lislea Lislea Lislea View
Lisnacloon Lisnacloon View
Lisnacreaght Lisnacreaght View
Lissan Lower Lissan Lissan Lower View
Listymore Listymore Listymore View
Longfield View
Loughash Loughash Loughash View
Loughmacrory Loughmacrory Loughmacrory View
Loughmuck Loughmuck Loughmuck View
Magheracreggan Magheracreggan Magheracreggan View
Maghernageeragh Magheranageenagh View
Maine View
Meenagh Meenagh Meenagh View
Minterburn Minterburn Minterburn View
Moorefield Moorfield View
Mount Hamilton Mount Hamilton View
Mountcastle Mountcastle View
Mountfield Mountfield Moorfield View
Mountjoy Mountjoy Mountjoy View
Mountjoy Forest View
Mountjoy Forest East Mountjoy Forest East Mountjoy Forest East View
Mountjoy Forest West Mountjoy Forest West Mountjoy Forest West View
Moy Moy Moy Blackwater View
Moyle Moyle Moyle View
Mullagharn Mullagharn Mullaghslin View
Mullaghslin Mullaghslin Mullanahoe View
Munterevlin Munterevlin Munterevlin View
Newmills View
Newtown Stewart Newtown Stewart View
Newtownsaville West Tyrone View
Oaklands Oaklands Oaklands Drum Manor View
Omagh Omagh Rural View
Omagh North View
Omagh Rural View
Omagh South View
Omagh Town Omagh Urban View
Omagh West View
Oritor Oritor Oritor View
Plumbridge Plumb Bridge Plumbridge Glenelly View
Pomeroy Pomeroy View
Rahony View
Salterstown View
Seskinore Seskinore Seskinore View
Six Mile Cross Six Mile Cross Sixmilecross Mid Tyrone View
Slate Quarry View
Sperrin View
Stewartstown Stewartstown Stewartstown Ballinderry View
Strabane Strabane East,Urban Strabane East View
Strabane North, Urban Strabane North View
Strabane South, Urban View
Strabane West, Urban View
Stranagalwilly Stranagalwilly View
Tattymoyle Tattymoyle Tattymoyle View
The Rock The Rock View
The Sandholes The Sandholes The Sandholes View
Trillick Trillick Trillick West Tyrone View
Trinamadan Trinamadan View
Tullaghoge Tullaghoge Tullaghoge View
Tullyard View
Tullyclunagh Tullyclunagh View
Tullyniskane Tullyniskane View
Tullyvar Tullyvar Tullyvar View
Urney, East Urney, East View
West Longfield West Longfield View