DED List For County Waterford
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Ringville Ringville An Rinn Dungarvan View
Annestown Annestown Annestown Comeragh View
Ardmore Ardmore Ardmore Dungarvan View
Ballymacart Ballymacart Baile Mhac Airt Dungarvan View
Ballyduff Ballyduff Ballyduff Lismore View
Ballydurn Ballydurn Ballydurn Comeragh View
Ballyhane Ballyhane Ballyhane Lismore View
Ballheeny Ballyheeny Ballyheeny Lismore View
Ballyin Ballyin Ballyin Lismore View
Ballylaneen Ballylaneen Ballylaneen Comeragh View
Ballymacarbry Ballymacarbry Ballymacarbry Comeragh View
Ballynakill Ballynakill Ballynakill Waterford City East View
Ballynamult Ballynamult Ballynamult Lismore View
Ballysaggartmore Ballysaggartmore Ballysaggartmore Lismore View
Bohadoon Bohadoon Bohadoon Dungarvan View
Cappagh Cappagh Cappagh Dungarvan View
Cappoquin Cappoquin Cappoquin Lismore View
Carrickbeg Carrigbeg Rural Carrickbeg Rural Comeragh View
Carrigcastle Carrigcastle Carrigcastle Comeragh View
Carriglea Carriglea Carriglea Dungarvan View
Castlerichard Castlerichard Castlerichard Lismore View
Clashmore Clashmore Clashmore Lismore View
Clonea Clonea Clonea Comeragh View
Colligan Colligan Colligan Dungarvan View
Comeragh Comeragh Comeragh Comeragh View
Coumaraglin Courmaraglin Coumaraglin Dungarvan View
Dromana Dromana Dromana Lismore View
Dromore Dromore Dromore Lismore View
Drumcannon Drumcannon Drumcannon Tramore View
Drumroe Drumroe Drumroe Lismore View
Dungarvan No. 1 Dungarvan No. 1 Urban View
Dungarvan Rural Dungarvan Rural Dungarvan Rural Dungarvan View
Dungarvan No. 2 Dungarvan No. 2 Urban Dungarvan Urban Dungarvan View
Dunhill Dunhill Dunhill Comeragh View
Faithlegg Faithlegg Faithlegg Tramore View
Fenoagh Fenoagh Fenoagh Comeragh View
Fews Fews Fews Comeragh View
Fox's Castle Fox's Castle Fox’s Castle Comeragh View
Gardenmorris Gardenmorris Gardenmorris Comeragh View
Georgestown Georgestown Georgestown Comeragh View
Glen Glen Glen Comeragh View
Glenwilliam Glenwilliam Glenwilliam Dungarvan View
Gortnapeaky Gortnapeaky Gortnapeaky Lismore View
Graignagower Graignagower Graignagower Comeragh View
Grallagh Grallagh Grallagh Dungarvan View
Grange Grange Grange Dungarvan View
Gurteen Gurteen Gurteen Comeragh View
Islandikane Islandikane Islandikane Tramore View
Keereen Keereen Keereen Lismore View
Kilbarry Kilbarry Kilbarry Waterford City South View
Kilbarrymeaden Kilbarrymeaden Kilbarrymeaden Comeragh View
Kilcockin Kilcockan Kilcockan Lismore View
Killea Killea Killea Tramore View
Kïlloteran Killoteran Killoteran Tramore View
Kilmacleague Kilmacleague Kilmacleague Tramore View
Kilmacomma Kilmacomma Kilmacomma Comeragh View
Kilmacthomas Kilmacthomas Kilmacthomas Comeragh View
Kilmeadan Kilmeadan Kilmeaden Comeragh View
Kilmeaden View
Kilronan Kilronan Kilronan Comeragh View
Kilwatermoy Kilwatermoy, East Kilwatermoy East Lismore View
Kilwatermoy West Kilwatermoy, West Kilwatermoy West Lismore View
Kinsalebeg Kinsalebeg Kinsalebeg Dungarvan View
Knockaunbrandaun Knockaunbrandaun Knockaunbrandaun Comeragh View
Knockmahon Knockmahon Knockmahon Comeragh View
Lismore Rural Lismore Lismore Rural Lismore View
Lismore Urban Lismore Town Lismore Urban Lismore View
Mocollop Mocollop Mocollop Lismore View
Modelligo Modelligo Modelligo Dungarvan View
Mothel Mothel Mothel Comeragh View
Mountkennedy Mountkennedy Mountkennedy Comeragh View
Mountstuart Mountstuart Mountstuart Dungarvan View
Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Comeragh View
Newtown Newtown Newtown Waterford City East View
Pembrokestown Pembrokestown Pembrokestown Tramore View
Portlaw Portlaw Portlaw Comeragh View
Rathgormuck Rathgomuck Rathgormuck Comeragh View
Rathmoylan Rathmoylan Rathmoylon Tramore View
Reisk Reisk Reisk Tramore View
Ross Ross Ross Comeragh View
Seskinan Seskinan Seskinan Lismore View
St. Mary's Clonmee St. Mary's St. Mary’s Comeragh View
Stradbally Stradbally Stradbally Comeragh View
Tallow Tallow Tallow Lismore View
Templemichael Templemichael Templemichael Lismore View
Tinnasaggart Tinnasaggart Tinnasaggart Comeragh View
Tramore Tramore Tramore Tramore View
Waterford Urban No. 2 Waterford No. 2 Urban View
Waterford Urban No. 3 Waterford No. 3 Urban View
Waterford Urban No. 4 Waterford No. 4 Urban View
Waterford No. 4 Urban (part of) View
Waterford Town No. 1 Urban View
Waterford Urban No. 5 Waterford No. 5 Urban View
Waterford Rural Waterford Rural View
Waterford Rural (No.1) Waterford Rural (part of) View
Waterford No. 1 Urban Waterford Urban No. 1 View
Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Lismore View
Woodstown Woodstown Woodstown Tramore View