DED List For County Clare
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Abbey Abbey Abbey Ennistimon View
Annagh Annagh Annagh Ennistimon View
Ayle Ayle Ayle Killaloe View
Ballagh Ballagh Ballagh Ennistimon View
Ballyblood Ballyblood Ballyblood Killaloe View
Ballycannon Ballycannan Ballycannan Killaloe View
Ballyea Ballyea Ballyea Ennistimon View
Ballyeighter Ballyeighter Ballyeighter Ennistimon View
Ballyglass Ballyglass Ballyglass Killaloe View
Ballynacally Ballynacally Ballynacally Kilrush View
Ballinahinch Ballynahinch Ballynahinch Killaloe View
Ballysteen Ballysteen Ballysteen Ennistimon View
Ballyvaghan View
Ballyvaskin Ballyvaskin Ballyvaskin Ennistimon View
Boherglass Boherglass Boherglass Killaloe View
Boston Boston Boston Ennistimon View
Caher Caher Caher Killaloe View
Caherhurley Caherhurly Caherhurley Killaloe View
Cahermurphy Cahermurphy Cahermurphy (in the former Rural District of Kilrush) Kilrush View
Cahermurphy (in the former Rural District of Scarriff) Killaloe View
Cappaghabaun Cappaghabaun Cappaghabaun Killaloe View
Cappavilla Cappavilla Cappavilla Killaloe View
Carran Carran Carran Ennistimon View
Carrowbaun Carrowbaun Carrowbaun Killaloe View
Castlecrine Castlecrine Castlecrine Shannon View
Castletown Castletown Castletown Ennistimon View
Clare View
Clareabbey Clareabbey Clareabbey Ennis East View
Clenagh Clenagh Clenagh Shannon View
Cloughaun Cloghaun Ennistimon View
Cloghera Cloghera Cloghera Killaloe View
Clondegad Clondagad Clondagad Kilrush View
Cloonadrum Clovnadrum Cloonadrum Kilrush View
Cloonanaha Cloonanaha Cloonanaha Ennistimon View
Clooncoorha Clooncoorha Clooncoorha Kilrush View
Clooney Clooney Clooney Ennis East View
Clooney (in the former Rural District of Ennistimon) Ennistimon View
Cloontra Cloontra Cloontra Killaloe View
Cloonusker Cloonusker Cloonusker Killaloe View
Coolmeen Coolmeen Coolmeen Kilrush View
Coolreagh Coolreagh Coolreagh Killaloe View
Cooraclare Cooraclare Cooraclare Kilrush View
Corlea Corlea Corlea Killaloe View
Corrofin Corrofin Ennistimon View
Cratloe Cratloe Cratloe Shannon View
Creegh Creegh Creegh Kilrush View
Crusheen Crusheen Crusheen Ennistimon View
Dangan Dangan Dangan Killaloe View
Derreen Derreen Derreen Ennistimon View
Derrynagitta Derrynagittagh Derrynagittagh Killaloe View
Doonbeg Doonbeg Doonbeg Kilrush View
Doora Doora Doora Ennis East View
Drumcreehy Drumcreehy Drumcreehy Ennistimon View
Drumellihy Drumellihy Drumellihy Kilrush View
Drumline Drumline Drumline Shannon View
Drummaan Drummaan Drummaan Killaloe View
Dysert Dysert Dysert Ennistimon View
East Clare View
Einagh Einagh Einagh Kilrush View
Ennis No. 1 Urban Ennis No. 1 Urban Ennis Urban (part of) Ennis East View
Ennis No. 2 Urban Ennis No. 2 Urban Ennis Urban (part of) Ennis East View
Ennis Urban Ennis No. 4 Urban View
Ennis Rural Ennis Rural View
Ennis No. 3 Ennis, No. 3 Urban View
Ennistymon Ennistimon Ennistimon Ennistimon View
Faheymore Fahymore Fahymore Killaloe View
Feakle Feakle Feakle Killaloe View
Fermoyle Formoyle Formoyle Ennistimon View
Furroor Furroor Furroor Kilrush View
Glendree Glendree Glendree Killaloe View
Gleninagh Gleninagh Gleninagh Ennistimon View
Glenmore Glenmore Glenmore Kilrush View
Glenroe Glenroe Glenroe Ennistimon View
Iniscaltra Inishcaltra, North Inishcaltra North Killaloe View
Inishcaltra South Inishcaltra South Inishcaltra South Killaloe View
Killaniv Killanniv Kilanniv Ennis West View
Kilballyowen Kilballyowen Kilballyowen Kilrush View
Kilchreest Kilchreest Kilchreest Kilrush View
Kilcloher Kiloloher Kilcloher Kilrush View
Kilfearagh Kilfearagh Kilrush View
Kilfenora Kilfenora Kilfenora Ennistimon View
Kilfidane Kilfiddane Kilfiddane Kilrush View
Kilkee Kilkee Kilkee Kilrush View
Kilkishen Kilkishen Kilkishen Shannon View
Kildysart Killadysert Killadysert Kilrush View
Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe Killaloe View
Killanenna Killanena Killanena Killaloe View
Killard Killard Killard Kilrush View
Killaspuglonane Killaspuglonane Killaspuglonane Ennistimon View
Killeely Killeely Killeely Shannon View
Killilagh Killilagh Killilagh Ennistimon View
Killimer Killimer Killimer Kilrush View
Killinaboy Killinaboy Killinaboy Ennistimon View
Killofin Killofin Killofin Kilrush View
Killodennedy Killokennedy Killokennedy Killaloe View
Killone Killone Killone Kilrush View
Killuran Killuran Killaloe View
Kilmihill Kilmihil Kilmihil Kilrush View
Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry (in the former Rural District of Killadysert) Kilrush View
Kilmurry (in the former Rural District of Kilrush) Kilrush View
Kilnamona Kilnamona Ennis West View
Kilraghtes Kilraghtis Kilraghtis Ennis West View
Kilrush Kilrush Rural Kilrush Rural Kilrush View
Kilrush Urban Kilrush Urban Kilrush Urban Kilrush View
Kilseily Kilseily Kilseily Killaloe View
Kilshanny Kilshanny Kilshanny Ennistimon View
Kiltannon Kiltannon Kiltannon Killaloe View
Kiltenanlea Kiltenanlea Kiltenanlea Killaloe View
Kiltoraght Kiltoraght Kiltoraght Ennistimon View
Kinturk Kinturk Kinturk Kilrush View
Knock Knock Knock Kilrush View
Knocknabooley Knocknaboley Knocknaboley Kilrush View
Knocknagore Knocknagore Knocknagore Kilrush View
Kyle Kyle Kyle Killaloe View
Lackareagh Lackareagh Lackareagh Killaloe View
Liscannor Liscannor Liscannor Ennistimon View
Lisacasey Liscasey Liscasey Kilrush View
Lisdoonvarna Lisdoonvarna Lisdoonvarna Ennistimon View
Lisheen Lisheen Lisheen Kilrush View
Loughea Loughea Loughea Killaloe View
Lurraga Lurraga Lurraga Ennistimon View
Maghereagh Magherareagh Magherareagh Ennistimon View
Miltown Malbay Miltownmalbay Milltown Malbay Ennistimon View
Mount Elva Mountelva Ennistimon View
Mountievers Mountievers Mountievers Shannon View
Mountshannon Mountshannon Mountshannon Killaloe View
Moueen Moveen Moveen Kilrush View
Moy Moy Moy Ennistimon View
Moyarta Moyarta Moyarta Kilrush View
Muckannagh Muckanagh Muckanagh Ennistimon View
Mullough Mullagh Mullagh Kilrush View
Newgrove Newgrove Newgrove Killaloe View
Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Shannon View
Noughaval Noughaval Noughaval Ennistimon View
O'Gonnelloe Ogonnelloe O’Gonnelloe Killaloe View
O'Brien's Bridge O'Briensbridge OBriensbridge Killaloe View
Oughtmama Oughtmama Oughtmama Ennistimon View
Querrin Querrin Querrin Kilrush View
Quin Quin Quin Ennis East View
Rahona Rahona Rahona Kilrush View
Rath Rath Rath Ennistimon View
Rathborney Rathborney Rathborney Ennistimon View
Rathclooney Rathclooney Rathclooney Killaloe View
Rynealon Rinealon Rinealon Kilrush View
Roadford View
Rossroe Rossroe Rossroe Shannon View
Ruane Ruan Ruan Ennistimon View
Scariff Scarriff Scarriff Killaloe View
Sixmilebridge Sixmilebridge Sixmilebridge Shannon View
Smithstown Smithstown Smithstown Ennistimon View
Spancilhill Spancelhill Spancelhill Ennis East View
St. Martins St. Martins St. Martins Kilrush View
Templemaley Templemaley Templemaley Ennis West View
Tuberbreeda Toberbreeda Toberbreeda Killaloe View
Tomfinlough Tomfinlough Tomfinlough Shannon View
Tulla Tulla Tulla Killaloe View
Tullig Tullig Tullig Kilrush View
Tullycreen Tullycreen Tullycreen Kilrush View
Urlan Urlan Urlan Shannon View