DED List For County Cork
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Abbeymahon Abbeymahon Abbeymahon Skibbereen View
Adrigole Ardigole Adrigole Bantry View
Aghadown North Aghadown North Aghadown North Bantry View
Aghadown South Aghadown South Aghadown South Bantry View
Aghern Aghern Aghern Fermoy View
Aghinagh Aghinagh Aghinagh Macroom View
Aglish Aglish Aglish Macroom View
Ahil Ahil Ahil Bantry View
Allow Allow Allow Kanturk View
Slievereagh Slieveragh An Sliabh Riabhach Macroom View
Ardagh Ardagh Midleton View
Ardfield Ardfield Ardfield Skibbereen View
Ardskeagh Ardskeagh Ardskeagh Kanturk View
Argideen Argideen Argideen Skibbereen View
Aultagh Aultagh Aultagh Skibbereen View
Ballinadee Ballinadee Ballinadee Bandon View
Ballincollig Ballincollig Ballincollig Macroom View
Ballingurteen Ballygurteen Ballingurteen Skibbereen View
Ballinspittle Ballinspittle Ballinspittle Bandon View
Ballintemple Ballintemple Ballintemple Midleton View
Ballyarthur Ballyarthur Ballyarthur Fermoy View
Ballybane Ballybane Ballybane Bantry View
Ballyclough Ballyclogh Ballyclogh Mallow View
Ballycotton Ballycottin Ballycotton Midleton View
Ballydehob Ballydehob Ballydehob Bantry View
Ballyfeard Ballyfeard Ballyfeard Bandon View
Ballyfoyle Ballyfoyle Ballyfoyle Bandon View
Ballygarvan Ballygarvan Ballygarvan Carrigaline View
Ballygroman Ballygroman Ballygroman Macroom View
Ballyhoolahan Ballyhoolahan Ballyhoolahan Kanturk View
Ballyhooly Ballyhooly Ballyhooly Fermoy View
Ballymackean Ballymackean Ballymackean Bandon View
Ballymartle Ballymartle Ballymartle Bandon View
Ballymodan Ballymodan Ballymodan Bandon View
Ballymoney Ballymoney Ballymoney Skibbereen View
Ballymurphy Ballymurphy Ballymurphy Macroom View
Ballinaglough Ballynaglogh Ballynaglogh Blarney View
Ballinamona Ballynamona Ballynamona Mallow View
Ballynoe Ballynoe Ballynoe Fermoy View
Ballyspillane Ballyspillane Ballyspillane Midleton View
Bandon Bandon Town Bandon Bandon View
Banteer Banteer Banteer Kanturk View
Bantry Bantry Rural Bantry Rural Bantry View
Bantry Rural Bantry Urban Bantry Urban Bantry View
Barleyhill Barleyhill Barleyhill Kanturk View
Barnacurra Barnacurra Barnacurra Kanturk View
Baurleigh Baurleigh Baurleigh Bandon View
Bauncross Bawncross Bawncross Kanturk View
Bealanageary Bealanageary Béal Atha Ghaorthaidh (in the former Rural District of Dunmanway) Skibbereen View
Bealanagarry Béal Atha an Ghaorthaidh (in the former Rural District of Macroom) Macroom View
Bealock Bealock Bealock Skibbereen View
Bere Bear Islands in Bantry Bay Bear Bantry View
Bengour Bengour Bengour Macroom View
Bishopstown Bishopstown Bishopstown Carrigaline View
Blackpool Blackpool Blackpool 4 Blarney View
Blackrock Blackrock Blackrock View
Blarney Blarney Blarney Blarney View
Boherboy Boherboy Boherboy Kanturk View
Boulteen Boulteen Boulteen Bandon View
Bredagh Bredagh Bredagh Skibbereen View
Brinny Brinny Brinny Macroom View
Butlerstown Butlerstown Butlerstown Skibbereen View
Buttevant Buttevant Buttevant Mallow View
Caheragh Caheragh Caheragh Bantry View
Caherbarnagh Caherbarnagh Caherbarnagh Kanturk View
Caherduggan Caherduggan Caherduggan Mallow View
Cahereag Caherlag Caherlag Blarney View
Cahermore Cahermore Cahermore Skibbereen View
Cannaway Cannaway Cannaway Macroom View
Carraig Carraig Carrig (in the former Rural District of Fermoy) Mallow View
Carrig Carrig (in the former Rural District of Mallow) Mallow View
Carrigaline Carrigaline Carrigaline Carrigaline View
Carrigbaun Carrigbaun Carrigbaun Skibbereen View
Carrigboy Carregboy Carrigboy Skibbereen View
Carrignavar Carrignavar Carrignavar Blarney View
Carrigrohane Beg Carrigrohane Beg Blarney View
Carrigtwohill Carrigtohill Carrigtohill Midleton View
Cashel Cashel Cashel Bandon View
Castlehyde Castlehyde Castle Hyde Fermoy View
Castlecooke Castlecooke Castlecooke Fermoy View
Castlecor Castlecor Castlecor Kanturk View
Castlehaven North Castlehaven Castlehaven North Skibbereen View
Castlehaven South Castlehaven South Castlehaven South Skibbereen View
Castlelyons Castlelyons Castlelyons Fermoy View
Castlemagner Castlemagner Castlemagner Kanturk View
Castlemartyr Castlemartyr Castlemartyr Midleton View
Castletown Castletown Castletown Skibbereen View
Castletownrock Castletownroche Castletownroche Mallow View
Castleventry Castleventry Castleventry Skibbereen View
Candroma Candroma Ceann Droma Macroom View
Churchtown Churchtown Churchtown Mallow View
Kilnamartry Kilnamartery Cill na Martra Macroom View
Cleanrath Cleanrath Claonráth Macroom View
Cape Clear Cape Clear Cléire Skibbereen View
Clenor Clenor Clenor Mallow View
Cloghdowell Cloghdonnell Cloghdonnell Bantry View
Clonakilty Clonakilty Clonakilty Rural Skibbereen View
Clonakilty Urban Clonakilty Urban Clonakilty Urban Skibbereen View
Clondrohid Clondrohid Clondrohid Macroom View
Clonfert East Clonfert East Clonfert East Kanturk View
Clonfert West Clonfert West Clonfert West Kanturk View
Clonmeen Clonmeen Clonmeen Kanturk View
Clonmoyle Clonmoyle Clonmoyle Macroom View
Clonmult Clonmult Clonmult Midleton View
Clonpriest Clonpriest Clonpriest Midleton View
Clonkeen Cloonkeen Cloonkeen Skibbereen View
Cloyne Cloyne Cloyne Midleton View
Queenstown Rural No. 1 Queenstown Rural (part of) Cobh Rural Midleton View
Queenstown Urban No. 1 Queenstown Cobh Urban Midleton View
Coolagh Coolagh Coolagh Bantry View
Coolclough Coolclough Coolclogh Kanturk View
Coolcraheen Coolcraheen Coolcraheen Skibbereen View
Coole Coole Coole Fermoy View
Coolmain Coolmain Coolmain Bandon View
Coolmountain Coolmountain Coolmountain Skibbereen View
Coomlogane Coomlogane Coomlogane Kanturk View
No. 1 Urban, Centre Ward, Cork City Cork No. 1 Urban View
No.2 Urban, North Centre Cork No. 2 Urban View
No. 2 Urban Cork No. 2 View
North East Ward Cork No. 3 Urban View
North West Ward Cork No. 4 View
Cork Urban No. 4 Cork No. 4 Urban (part of) View
Cork Urban No. 5 Cork No. 5 Urban View
North West View
No. 6 Urban, South Centre Cork No. 6 Urban View
Cork Urban No. 7 Cork No. 7 Urban (part of) View
Cork No. 7 Urban, West Ward Cork No. 7 View
Cork No. 7 Urban Cork No. 7 Urban View
Cork City North-Central View
Cork City North-East View
Cork City North-West View
Cork City South-Central View
Cork City South-East View
Cork City South-West View
Corkbeg Corkbeg Corkbeg Midleton View
Conlagh Coulagh Coulagh Bantry View
Courtmacsherry Courtmacsherry Courtmacsherry Skibbereen View
Crinnaloo Crinnaloo Crinnaloo Kanturk View
Crookhaven Crookhaven Crookhaven Bantry View
Cullen Cullen Cullen (in the former Rural District of Millstreet) Kanturk View
Curraglass Curraglass Curraglass Fermoy View
Curryglass Curryglass Curryglass Bantry View
Dangan Dangan Dangan Midleton View
Derragh Derragh Kanturk View
Derry Derry Skibbereen View
Derryvillane Derryvillane Derryvillane Fermoy View
Derryfineen Derryfineen Doire Fhínín Macroom View
Doneraile Doneraile Doneraile Mallow View
Doonasleen Doonasleen Doonasleen Kanturk View
Douce Douce Douce Bantry View
Douglas Douglas Douglas Carrigaline View
Drinagh Drinagh Drinagh Skibbereen View
Dripsey Dripsey Dripsey Blarney View
Drishane Drishane Drishane Kanturk View
Dromdaleague North Dromdaleague North Dromdaleague North Bantry View
Dromdaleague South Dromdaleague South Dromdaleague South Bantry View
Dromina Dromina Dromina Kanturk View
Dromore Dromore Mallow View
Dunbeacon Dunbeacon Dunbeacon Bantry View
Dunderrow Dunderrow Dunderrow Bandon View
Dungourney Dungourney Dungourney Midleton View
Dunmanus Dunmanus Dunmanus Bantry View
Dunmanway Dunmanway North Dunmanway North Skibbereen View
Dunmanway South Dunmanway South Skibbereen View
Durrus East Durrus East Durrus East Bantry View
Durrus West Durrus West Durrus West Bantry View
Farahy Farahy Farahy Fermoy View
Farrenbrien Farranbrien Farranbrien Bandon View
Fermoy Rural Fermoy Rural Fermoy Rural Fermoy View
Fermoy Urban Fermoy Urban Fermoy Urban Fermoy View
Firmount Firmount Firmount Blarney View
Garranes Garranes Garranes Bantry View
Garrown Garrown Garrown Skibbereen View
Garryvoe Garryvoe Garryvoe Midleton View
Glenlough Glanlough Glanlough Bantry View
Glanworth East Glanworth East Glanworth East Fermoy View
Glanworth West Glanworth West Glanworth West Fermoy View
Glengarriff Glengarriff Glengarriff Bantry View
Glenlara Glenlara Glenlara Kanturk View
Glenville Glenville Glenville Blarney View
Goleen Goleen Goleen Bantry View
Gortnatubrid Gortnatubbrid Gort na Tiobratan Macroom View
Gortmore Gortmore Gortmore Mallow View
Gurtnascreeny Gortnascreeny Gortnascreeny Bantry View
Gortnaskehy Gortnaskehy Gortnaskehy Fermoy View
Gortroe Gortroe Gortroe Fermoy View
Gowlane Gowlane Gowlane Blarney View
Greenane Greenane Greenane Kanturk View
Greenfort Greenfort Greenfort Blarney View
Greenville Greenville Greenville Macroom View
Ightermurragh Ightermurragh Ightermurragh Midleton View
Imphuck Imphrick Imphrick Mallow View
Inch Inch Inch Midleton View
Inchigeelagh Inchigeelagh Inchigeelagh Macroom View
Inishannon Inishannon Inishannon Bandon View
Inniskenny Inishkenny Inishkenny Carrigaline View
Kanturk Kanturk Kanturk Kanturk View
Keale Keale Keale Kanturk View
Kealkil Kealkill Kealkill Bantry View
Kilberrihert Kilberrihert Kilberrihert Macroom View
Kilbonane Kilbonane Kilbonane Macroom View
Kilbrin Kilbrin Kilbrin Kanturk View
Kilbrittain Kilbrittain Kilbrittain Bandon View
Kilbrogan Kilbrogan Kilbrogan Bandon View
Kilcaskan Kilcaskan Kilcaskan Bantry View
Kilcatherine Kilcatherine Kilcatherine Bantry View
Kilcoe Killoe Kilcoe Bantry View
Kilcor Kilcor Kilcor Fermoy View
Kilcarney Kilcorney Kilcorney Kanturk View
Kilcronet Kilcronat Kilcronat Midleton View
Kilcullen Kilcullen Kilcullen Blarney View
Kilcummer Kilcummer Kilcummer Mallow View
Kildinan Kildinan Kildinan Mallow View
Kildorrery Killdorrery Kildorrery Fermoy View
Kilfaughnabeg Kilfaughnabeg Kilfaughnabeg Skibbereen View
Kilgullane Kilgullane Kilgullane Fermoy View
Kilkerranmore Kilkerranmore Kilkerranmore Skibbereen View
Killaconenagh Killaconenagh Killaconenagh Bantry View
Killathy Killathy Killathy Fermoy View
Killeagh Killeagh Killeagh Blarney View
Killeenleigh Killeenleagh Killeenleagh Skibbereen View
Kilmacdonagh Kilmacdonough Kilmacdonogh Midleton View
Kilmaclenine Kilmaclenine Kilmaclenine Mallow View
Kilmaloda Kilmaloda East Kilmaloda East Skibbereen View
Kilmalooda Kilmaloda West Kilmaloda West Skibbereen View
Kilmeen Kilmeen Kilmeen Kanturk View
Kilmonoge Kilmonoge Kilmonoge Bandon View
Kilmoylerane Kilmoylerane Kilmoylerane Skibbereen View
Kilnagross Kilnagross Kilnagross Skibbereen View
Kilnamanagh Kilnamanagh Kilnamanagh Bantry View
Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Carrigaline View
Kilphelan Kilphelan Kilphelan Fermoy View
Kilshanning Kilshannig Kilshannig Mallow View
Kilworth Kilworth Kilworth Fermoy View
Kinneigh Kinneigh Kinneigh Skibbereen View
Kinsale Rural Kinsale Rural Kinsale Rural Bandon View
Kinsale Urban Kinsale Urban Kinsale Urban Bandon View
Kinure Kinure Kinure Bandon View
Knocknatota Knockantota Knockantota Blarney View
Knockatooan Knockatooan Knockatooan Kanturk View
Knockairlla Knockavilly Knockavilly Macroom View
Knockmalone Knockmourne Knockmourne Fermoy View
Knocknagree Knocknagree Knocknagree Kanturk View
Knockraha Knockraha Knockraha Midleton View
Knockroe Knockroe Knockroe Bandon View
Knocks Knocks Knocks Skibbereen View
Knockskagh Knockakagh Knockskagh Skibbereen View
Knocktemple Knocktemple Knocktemple Kanturk View
Laherne Laherne Laherne Bandon View
Lehenagh Lehenagh Lehenagh Carrigaline View
Leighmoney Leighmoney Leighmoney Bandon View
Leitrim Leitrim Leitrim Fermoy View
Liscarroll Liscarroll Liscarroll Mallow View
Liscleary Liscleary Liscleary Carrigaline View
Lisgoold Lisgoold Lisgoold Midleton View
Lowertown Lowertown Lowertown Bantry View
Macloneigh Macloneigh Macloneigh Macroom View
Macroom Macroom Macroom Urban Macroom View
Magourney Magourney Magourney Macroom View
Mallow Rural Mallow Rural Mallow Rural Mallow View
Mallow South Urban Mallow South Urban Mallow Urban Mallow View
Mallow North Urban Mallow Mallow Urban Mallow View
Manch Manch Manch Skibbereen View
Marshalstown Marshalstown Marshalstown Fermoy View
Mashanaglass Mashanaglass Mashanaglass Macroom View
Matehy Matehy Matehy Blarney View
Mealagh Mealagh Mealagh Bantry View
Meens Meena Meens Kanturk View
Middleton Middletown Rural Midleton Rural Midleton View
Midleton Middleton Rural Midleton Rural Midleton View
Middleton Urban Midleton Urban Midleton View
Milane Milane Milane Bantry View
Milford Milford Milford Kanturk View
Miltown Milltown Milltown Kanturk View
Mitchelstown Mitchelstown Mitchelstown Fermoy View
Mogeely Mogeely Mogeely Midleton View
Monanimy Monanimy Monanimy Mallow View
Monkstown Rural Carrigaline View
Monkstown Monkstown Monkstown Urban Carrigaline View
Mountrivers Mountrivers Mountrivers Macroom View
Moviddy Moviddy Moviddy Macroom View
Murragh Murragh Murragh Macroom View
Myross Myross Myross Skibbereen View
Ullanes Ullanes Na hUláin Macroom View
Nad Nad Nad Mallow View
Newmarket Newmarket Newmarket Kanturk View
Newtown Newtown Newtown Kanturk View
Nohaval Nohaval Nohaval Bandon View
Ovens Ovens Ovens Macroom View
Queenstown Urban Queenstown No. 2 Urban Cobh Urban Midleton View
Queenstown Rural No. 2 Cobh Urban Midleton View
Rahalisk Rahalisk Rahalisk Macroom View
Rahan Rahan Rahan Mallow View
Ruthbarry Rathbarry Rathbarry Skibbereen View
Rathclarin Rathclarin Rathclarin Bandon View
Rathcool Rathcool Rathcool Kanturk View
Rathcooney Rathcooney Rathcooney Blarney View
Rathcormac Rathcormack Rathcormack Fermoy View
Charleville Charleville Rathluirc (Charleville) Kanturk View
Riverstown Riverstown Riverstown Blarney View
Roskeen Roskeen Roskeen Mallow View
Rosnalea Rosnalee Rosnalee Kanturk View
Rosscarbery Rosscarbery Rosscarbery Skibbereen View
Rossmore Rossmore Rossmore Skibbereen View
Rostillan Rostellan Rostellan Midleton View
Rowls Rowls Rowls Kanturk View
Scart Scart Scart Bantry View
Seafin Seefin Seefin Bantry View
Shanballymore Shanballymore Shanballymore Mallow View
Sheepshead Sheepshead Sheepshead Bantry View
Shreelane Shreelane Shreelane Skibbereen View
Skagh Skagh Skagh Kanturk View
Skahanagh Skahanagh Skahanagh Mallow View
Skibbereen Rural Skibbereen Rural Skibbereen Rural Skibbereen View
Skibbereen Urban Skibbereen Urban Skibbereen Urban Skibbereen View
Schull Skull Skull Bantry View
Springfort Springfort Springfort Kanturk View
Saint Mary's St. Mary's St. Mary’s Blarney View
Streamhill Streamhill Streamhill Mallow View
Teadies Teadies Teadies Macroom View
Teerelton Teeretton Teerelton Skibbereen View
Templebodan Templebodan Templebodan Midleton View
Templebrady Templebreedy Templebreedy Carrigaline View
Templemartin Templemartin Templemartin Macroom View
Templemary Templemary Templemary Mallow View
Templemichael Templemichael Templemichael Bandon View
Templemologa Templemologa Templemolaga Fermoy View
Templecarriga Templenacarriga Templenacarriga Midleton View
Templeomalus Templeomalus Templeomalus Skibbereen View
Timoleague Timoleague Timoleague Skibbereen View
Tincorra Tincoora Tincoora Mallow View
Tiobratan Macroom View
Toormore Toormore Toormore Bantry View
Tullagh Tullagh Tullagh Skibbereen View
Tullylease Tullylease Tullylease Kanturk View
Wallstown Wallstown Wallstown Mallow View
Warrenscourt Warrenscourt Warrenscourt Macroom View
Watergrasshill Watergrasshill Watergrasshill Mallow View
Whiddy Whiddy Whiddy Bantry View
Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Blarney View
Williamstown Williamstown Williamstown Kanturk View
Woodfort Woodfort Woodfort Skibbereen View
Youghal Rural Youghal Rural Youghal Rural Midleton View
Youghal Urban Youghal Urban Youghal Urban Midleton View