DED List For County Donegal
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Altnapaste Altnapaste Allt na Péiste Stranorlar View
Binbane Binbane An Bhinn Bhán Donegal View
Carrowkeel Carrowkeel An Cheathrú Chaol Letterkenny View
Cloghan Cloghan An Clochán Stranorlar View
Dungloe Dunglow An Clochán Liath Glenties View
Creeslough Creeslough An Craoslach Glenties View
Doochary Doocharry An Dúchoraidh Glenties View
Graffy Graffy An Ghrafaidh Glenties View
Largymore Largymore An Leargaidh Mhr Donegal View
Maghery Maghery An Machaire Glenties View
Termon Termon An Tearmann Letterkenny View
Annagary Annagary Anagaire Glenties View
Aran Aran Islands off the coast Árainn Mhr Glenties View
Ardarn Ardara Ard an Rátha Glenties View
Ardmalin Ardmalin Ardmalin Inishowen View
Ards Ards Ards Glenties View
Fintown Fintown Baile na Finne Glenties View
Ballintra Ballintra Ballintra (in the former Rural District of Ballyshannon) Donegal View
Ballyarr Ballyarr Ballyarr Letterkenny View
Ballyliffin Ballyliffin Ballyliffin Inishowen View
Ballymacool Ballymacool Ballymacool Letterkenny View
Ballyshannon Rural Ballyshannon Ballyshannon Rural Donegal View
Ballyshannon Urban Ballyshannon Urban Donegal View
Birdstown Bindstown Birdstown Inishowen View
Bonnyglen Bonnyglen Bonnyglen Donegal View
Buncranna Buncrana Buncrana Rural Inishowen View
Buncrana Urban Inishowen View
Bundoran Rural Donegal View
Bundoran Bundoran Bundoran Urban Donegal View
Burt Burt Burt Inishowen View
Doe Castle Doe Castle Caisleán na dTuath Glenties View
Carndonagh Carndonagh Carndonagh Inishowen View
Carrickart Carrickart Carraig Airt Letterkenny View
Carrickboy Carrickboy Carrickboy Donegal View
Carthage Carthage Carthage Inishowen View
Castlecarey Castlecary Castlecary Inishowen View
Castlefinn Castlefinn Castlefinn Stranorlar View
Castleforward Castleforward Castleforward Inishowen View
Castlewray Castlewray Castlewray Letterkenny View
Cavangarden Cavangarden Cavangarden Donegal View
Kilcar Kilcar Cill Charthaigh Donegal View
Kilgoly Kilgoly Cill Ghabhlaigh Donegal View
Cliff Cliff Cliff Donegal View
Cloghard Cloghard Cloghard Stranorlar View
Clogher Clogher Clogher Donegal View
Clonleigh North Clonleigh North Clonleigh North Stranorlar View
Clonleigh South Clonleigh South Clonleigh South Stranorlar View
Knockalla Knockalla Cnoc Colbha Letterkenny View
Convoy Convoy Convoy Stranorlar View
Corkermore Corkermore Donegal View
Carrovady Corrawaddy Corravaddy Letterkenny View
Cronchy Crovehy Cr Bheithe Glenties View
Crowkeeragh Crowkeeragh Cr Chaorach Donegal View
Cranford Cranford Creamhghort Letterkenny View
Creenasmear Creenasmear Críoch na Sméar Glenties View
Crownarad Crownarad Crownarad Donegal View
Culdaff Culdaff Culdaff Inishowen View
Dowras Dawros Dawros Glenties View
Desertegny Desertegny Desertegny Inishowen View
Donegal Donegal Donegal Donegal View
Dooish Dooish Dooish Stranorlar View
Dunfanaghy Dunfanaghy Dún Fionnochaidh Glenties View
Dunlewy Dunlewy Dún Lúiche Glenties View
Dunaff Dunaff Dunaff Inishowen View
Dunkinelly Dunkineely Dunkineely Donegal View
Eanymore Eanymore Eanymore Donegal View
Edenacarnan Edenacarnan Edenacarnan Letterkenny View
Fohan Fahan Fahan Inishowen View
Fanad North Fanad North Fánaid Thiar Letterkenny View
Fanad West Fanad West Fánaid Thuaidh Letterkenny View
Feddyglass Feddyglass Feddyglass Stranorlar View
Figart Figart Figart Stranorlar View
Galway View
Gartan Gartann Gartán Letterkenny View
Glencolmbkille Glencolumbkille Gleann Cholm Cille Donegal View
Glengesh Glengesh Gleann Gheis Glenties View
Glenleheen Glenleheen Gleann Léithín Glenties View
Glen Glen Glen Letterkenny View
Glenalla Glenalla Glenalla Letterkenny View
Gleneely Gleneely Gleneely (in the former Rural District of Inishowen) Inishowen View
Gleneel View
Glenagannon Glenagannon Gleneganon Inishowen View
Glentogher Glentogher Glentogher Inishowen View
Goland Goland Stranorlar View
Gortahork Gortahork Gort an Choirce Glenties View
Gortnavern Gortnavern Gortnavern Letterkenny View
Greencastle Greencastle Greencastle Inishowen View
Greenfort Greenfort Grianfort Letterkenny View
Grousehall Grousehall Grousehall Donegal View
Haugh Haugh Haugh Donegal View
Illies Illies Illies Inishowen View
Inch Inch Island Inch Island Inishowen View
Inishkeel Innishkeel Inis Caoil Glenties View
Rutland Rutland Inis Mhic an Dhoirn Glenties View
Inver Inver Donegal View
Kilderry Kilderry Kilderry Inishowen View
Killea Killea Killea Inishowen View
Killybegs Killybegs Killybegs Donegal View
Killygarvan Killygarvan Killygarvan Letterkenny View
Killygordon Killygordan Killygordon Stranorlar View
Killymasny Killymasny Killymasny Letterkenny View
Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Kilmacrenan Letterkenny View
Kincraigy Kincraigy Kincraigy Letterkenny View
Knock Knock Knock Stranorlar View
Laghy Laghy Laghy Donegal View
Lettermacaward Lettermacaward Leitir Mhic an Bhaird Glenties View
Letterkenny Rural Letterkenny Rural Letterkenny Rural Letterkenny View
Letterkenny Town Letterkenny Urban Letterkenny Urban Letterkenny View
Lettermore Lettermore Lettermore Stranorlar View
Loughkeel Loughkeel Loch Caol Letterkenny View
Lougheske Lough Eask Loch Iascaigh Donegal View
Maas Maas Maas Glenties View
Magheraclogher Magheraclogher Machaire Chlochair Glenties View
Maghesaboy Magheraboy Magheraboy Letterkenny View
Malinbeg Malinbeg Málainn Bhig Donegal View
Malin Malin Malin Inishowen View
Manorcunningham Manorcunningham Manorcunningham Inishowen View
Mulmossog Mulmoseg Maol Mosg Glenties View
Milford Millford Millford Letterkenny View
Meenacladdy Meenaclady Mín an Chladaigh Glenties View
Meenaclady View
Church Hill Church Hill Mín an Lábáin Letterkenny View
Meencargagh Meencargagh Mín Charraigeach Stranorlar View
Mintiaghs Mintiaghs Mintiaghs Inishowen View
Moville Moville Moville Inishowen View
Cross Roads Cross Roads Na Croisbhealaí Glenties View
Glenties Glenties Na Gleannta Glenties View
Newtowncunningham Newtown Cunningham Newtown Cunningham Inishowen View
Pettigoe Pettigoe Pettigoe Donegal View
Raphoe Raphoe Raphoe Stranorlar View
Rathmelton Rathmelton Rathmelton Letterkenny View
Rathmullen Rathmullan Rathmullan Letterkenny View
Redcastle Redcastle Redcastle Inishowen View
Rosguill Rosguill Ros Goill Letterkenny View
Rosnakill Rosnakill Rosnakill Letterkenny View
St. Johnston St. Johnstown St. Johnstown Stranorlar View
Straid Straid Straid Inishowen View
Stranorlar Stranorlar Stranorlar Stranorlar View
Seacor Seacor Suí Corr Letterkenny View
Mountcharles Mountcharles Tamhnach an tSalainn Inishowen View
Tantallon Donegal View
Tawnawully Tawnawully Tawnawully Donegal View
Templecarn Templecarn Templecarn Donegal View
Templedouglas Templedouglas Templedouglas Letterkenny View
Three Trees Three Trees Three Trees Inishowen View
Tieveskeelta Tievestieelta Tieveskeelta Donegal View
Treantaghmucklagh Trntaghmucklagh Treantaghmucklagh Stranorlar View
Tullynaught Tullynaught Tullynaught Donegal View
Tremone Turmone Turmone Inishowen View
West Urney Urney West Urney West Stranorlar View
Whitecastle Whitecastle Whitecastle Inishowen View