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Past Pupils

When we are in school / college we all enjoy the company of our class colleagues and wish it could just last forever. However, life moves on and so do each of us and we find that our school / college colleagues scatter through further education or most frequently it is because of employment locations.

As the years roll by we at time wonder where someone is now, how they are doing in life, etc. But the problem is that we don’t know where they are or how might make contact with that person. Yes, of course some schools / colleges have Past Pupil Associations but the majority do not, and unfortunately too some Associations are not very active to perpetuate ties of affection and esteem formed in school / college.

Now, this section of our website facilitates people to enter their school / college details plus their own name. Once they submit this information then it will be “live” on the website for any visitor to view. Then, if the visitor recognises an old friend they can send an email from the site to that friend. Email addresses are not displayed on the website.

Once you select a Country, Region / County, and Town / City you can search by school attended and year of leaving it, and of course any combination of these options.


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