Joseph Brien
Death Date : 18 December 1925 at Clashduff          
Catherine McCarthy
Death Date : 1 June 1927
in Drimoleague

Co. Cork


Following the death of Joseph's first wife, Ellen Maguire, he married Catherine (Kate) McCarthy in the Catholic Church in Drimoleague on 29 June 1875.  The Marriage Witnesses were Michael Connolly and Mary McCarthy.  From their marriage record Joseph lived in Inchingerig and Kate in Lahana.

Joseph was a son of Patrick Brien and Catherine Connolly

Catherine was a daughter of Denis McCarthy & Honora Hurley
The children of Joseph & Catherine baptised in Kilmacabea were:-
Patrick (b. 17 May 1876 - Inchingearig).  Sponsors: Patrick Brien, Mary Mahony
James (b. 3 Feb 1878 - Reavouler).  Sponsors: Michael Hurley, Margaret McCarthy
Ellen (b. 22 Oct 1880 - Reavouler).  Sponsors: Pat McCarthy, Margaret Hurley
Joseph (March 1883) 
Denis (born 7 April 1884 in Reavouler) 
Honora (born 20 Dec 1886 in Reavouler) 
William (born 2 May 1889 in Reavouler) 
Charles (born 1 May 1890 in Reavouler) 
Margaret (born 9 Aug 1893 in Reavouler).  Family lived in Clashduff at the time
By 1901 they lived in Maulnaskeha to the West of Reavouler and south of Drimoleague village.
Census 1901:
By 1911 Census they had moved to Clashduff, a little to the NE towards Drimoleague
Census 1911:
Joseph O'Brien died on 18 December 1925 at Clashduff, Drimoleague.  From his death record he was married, aged 81 years, a farmer.  Present at his death and the Informant of it to the Registrar was his son, Charles O'Brien, Clashduff.
Kathleen OBrien died in Drimoleague on 1 June 1927.  From her death record she was a widow, aged 64 years, a farmer's wife. Present at her death and the Informant to the Civil Registrar was Nora Cahalane, her daughter.
Rest in Peace





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