DED List For County Kilkenny
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Aghaviller Aughaviller Aghaviller Callan View
Aghlish Aglish Aglish Piltown View
Antrath View
Attanagh Attanagh Attanagh Ballyragget View
Balleen Balleen Balleen Ballyragget View
Ballinamara Ballinamara Ballinamara Callan View
Ballincrea Ballincrea Ballincrea Piltown View
Ballybeagh Ballybeagh Ballybeagh Callan View
Ballycallan Ballycallan Ballycallan Callan View
Ballyconra Ballycondra Ballyconra Ballyragget View
Ballydonnell View
Ballyhale Ballyhale Ballyhale Thomastown View
Ballyragget Ballyragget Ballyragget Ballyragget View
Ballyvool Ballyvool Ballyvool Thomastown View
Baunmore Baunmore Baunmore Ballyragget View
Bennettsbridge Bennetsbridge Bennettsbridge Thomastown View
Boolyglass Boolyglass Boolyglass Callan View
Bramblestown Bramblestown Bramblestown Thomastown View
Brownsford Brownsford Piltown View
Burnchurch Burnchurch Burnchurch Callan View
Callan Rural Callan Rural Callan Rural Callan View
Callan Urban Callan Urban Callan Urban Callan View
Castlebanny Castlebanny Castlebanny Thomastown View
Castlecomer Castlecomer Castlecomer Ballyragget View
Castlegannon Castlegannon Castlegannon Piltown View
Clara Clara Clara Thomastown View
Clogh Clogh Ballyragget View
Clogharinka Clogharinka Clogharinka Ballyragget View
Clomantagh Clamantagh Clomantagh Ballyragget View
Coolaghmore Coblaghmore Coolaghmore Callan View
Coolcraheen Coolcraheen Coolcraheen Ballyragget View
Coolhill Coolhill Coolhill Thomastown View
Danesfort Danesfort Danesfort Callan View
Dunnamaggan Dinnamaggan Dunamaggan Callan View
Dunbell Dunbell Dunbell Thomastown View
Dunkitt Dunkitt Dunkitt Piltown View
Dunmore Dunmore Dunmore Kilkenny View
Dysartmoon Dysartmoon Piltown View
Earlstown Earlstown Earlstown Callan View
Ennisnag Ennisnag Ennisnag Callan View
Famma Famma Famma Thomastown View
Farnoge Farnogue Farnoge Piltown View
Fiddown Fiddown Fiddown Piltown View
Freaghana Freaghana Freaghana Thomastown View
Freshford Freshford Freshford Ballyragget View
Galmoy Galmoy Galmoy Ballyragget View
Glashare Glashane Glashare Ballyragget View
Goresbridge Goresbridge Goresbridge Thomastown View
Gowran Gowran Gowran Thomastown View
Graiguenamanagh Graiguemanagh Graiguenamanagh Thomastown View
Grange Grange Callan View
Inistioge Inistioge Inistioge Thomastown View
Jerpoint Church Jerpoint Church Jerpoint Church Thomastown View
Jerpoint West Jerpoint West Piltown View
Johnstown Johnstown Athy View
Kells Kells Kells Callan View
Kilbeacon Kilbeacon Kilbeacon Piltown View
Killbride Kilbride Kilbride Piltown View
Kilcolumb Kilcolumb Kilcolumb Piltown View
Kilculliheen Kilcullihan Kilculliheen Piltown View
Kilfane Kilfane Kilfane Thomastown View
Kilkeasy Kilkeasy Kilkeasy Piltown View
Kilkenny No. 2 Urban View
Kilkenny Rural Kilkenny Rural Kilkenny Rural Kilkenny View
Kilkenny Urban Kilkenny No. 1 Urban Kilkenny Urban Kilkenny View
Kilkieran Kilkieran Kilkieran Ballyragget View
Killahy Killahy Killahy Piltown View
Killamery Killamery Killamery Callan View
Kilmacar Kilmacar Kilmacar Ballyragget View
Kilmaganny Kilmaganny Kilmaganny Callan View
Kilmakevoge Kilmakevoge Kilmakevoge Piltown View
Kilmanagh Kilmanagh Kilmanagh Callan View
Kiltorcan Kiltorcan Kiltorcan Thomastown View
Knocktopher Knocktopher Knocktopher Callan View
Lisdowney Lisdowney Lisdowney Ballyragget View
Listerlin Listerlin Listerlin Piltown View
Mallardstown Mallardstown Mallardstown Callan View
Moneenroe Moneenroe Ballyragget View
Mothell Mothell Mothell Ballyragget View
Muckalee Muckalee Muckalee Ballyragget View
Odagh Odagh Odagh Ballyragget View
Outrath Outrath Callan View
Paulstown Paulstown Paulstown Thomastown View
Pilltown Piltown Pilltown Piltown View
Pleberstown Pleberstown Pleberstown Thomastown View
Pollrone Pollrone Pollrone Piltown View
Portnascully Portnascully Portnascully Piltown View
Powerstown Powerstown Powerstown Thomastown View
Rathbeagh Rathbeagh Rathbeagh Ballyragget View
Rathcoole Rathcoole Rathcoole Ballyragget View
Rathealy Rathealy Rathealy Ballyragget View
Rathpatrick Rathpatrick Rathpatrick Piltown View
Rosbercon Rosbercon Rural Rosbercon Rural Piltown View
Rossinan Rossinan Rossinan Piltown View
Scotsborough Scotsborough Rural Scotsborough Callan View
Shanbogh Shambogh Shanbogh Piltown View
Shankill Shankill Shankill Thomastown View
St. Canice's St. Canice Kilkenny View
St. John's Ward View
Stonyford Stoneyford Stonyford Callan View
Templeorum Templeorum Templeorum Piltown View
Rower Rower The Rower Piltown View
Thomastown Thomastown Thomastown Kildare View
Tiscoffin Tiscoffin Tiscoffin Ballyragget View
Tubbrid Tubbriel Tubbrid Piltown View
Tubbrid Britain Tubbridbrittain Tubbridbrittain Ballyragget View
Tullaghanbrogue Tullaghanbrogue Tullaghanbrogue Callan View
Tullaherin Tullaherin Tullaherin Thomastown View
Tullahought Tullaghought Tullahought Callan View
Tullaroan Tullaroan Tullaroan Callan View
Ullard Ulcard Ullard Thomastown View
Ullid Ullid Ullid Piltown View
Urlingford Urlingford Urlingford Ballyragget View
Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Piltown View
Woolengrange Woollengrange Woolengrange Thomastown View