DED List For County Limerick
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Abbeyfeale Abbeyfeale Abbeyfeale Newcastle View
Abbeyville Abbeyville Abbeyville Kilmallock View
Abington Abington Abington Castleconnell View
Adare North Adare North Adare North Adare View
Adare South Adare South Adare South Adare View
Anglesborough Anglesborough Anglesborough Kilmallock View
Ardagh Ardagh Ardagh Newcastle View
Ardpatrick Ardpatrick Ardpatrick Kilmallock View
Askeaton East Askeaton East Askeaton East Rathkeale View
Askeaton West Askeaton West Askeaton West Rathkeale View
Athlacca Athlacca Athlacca Kilmallock View
Aughinish Aughinish Aughinish Rathkeale View
Ballingarry Ballingarry Ballingarry Rathkeale View
Ballintober Ballintober Ballintober Newcastle View
Ballyagran Ballyagran Ballyagran Kilmallock View
Ballyallinan Ballyallinan Ballyallinan Rathkeale View
Ballybricken Ballybricken Ballybricken Castleconnell View
Ballycummin Ballycummin Ballycummin Adare View
Ballygrennan Ballygrennan Ballygrennan Rathkeale View
Ballylanders Ballylanders Ballylanders Kilmallock View
Ballymacshaneboy Ballymacshaneboy Ballymacshaneboy Kilmallock View
Ballynabanoge Ballynabanoge Ballynabanoge Kilmallock View
Ballynacarriga Ballynacarriga Ballynacarriga Adare View
Ballynacragga North View
Ballynoe Ballynoe Ballynoe Newcastle View
Ballynoe West Ballynoe West Newcastle View
Ballysimon Ballysimon Ballysimon Castleconnell View
Ballyvarra Ballyvarra Ballyvarra Castleconnell View
Bilboa Bilboa Bilboa Castleconnell View
Boola Boola Boola Newcastle View
Broadford Broadford Broadford Newcastle View
Bruff Bruff Bruff Kilmallock View
Bruree Bruree Bruree Kilmallock View
Bulgaden Bulgaden Bulgaden Kilmallock View
Caher Caher Caher Newcastle View
Caherconlish East Caherconlish East Caherconlish East Castleconnell View
Caherconlish West Caherconlish Caherconlish West Castleconnell View
Cahercorney Cahercorney Cahercorney Kilmallock View
Caherelly Caherelly Caherelly Castleconnell View
Cappamore Cappamore Cappamore Castleconnell View
Carrig Carrig Carrig Adare View
Castleconnell Castleconnell Castleconnell Castleconnell View
Castletown Castletown Castletown Kilmallock View
Clarina Clarina Clarina Adare View
Cleanglass Cleanglass Cleanglass Newcastle View
Cloncagh Cloncagh Cloncagh Newcastle View
Clonkeen Clonkeen Clonkeen Castleconnell View
Colmanswell Colmanswell Colmanswell Kilmallock View
Coolrus Coolrus Coolrus Kilmallock View
Craggs Craggs Craggs Rathkeale View
Crean Crean Crean Kilmallock View
Crecora Crecora Crecora Adare View
Croagh Croagh Croagh Rathkeale View
Croom Croom Croom Adare View
Cullane Cullane Cullane Kilmallock View
Danganbeg Danganbeg Danganbeg Newcastle View
Darragh Darragh Darragh Kilmallock View
Doon South Doon South Doon South Castleconnell View
Doon West Doon West Doon West Castleconnell View
Dromard Dromard Dromard Rathkeale View
Dromcolliher Dromcolliher Dromcolliher Newcastle View
Dromin Dromin Dromin Kilmallock View
Dromtrasna Dromtrasna Dromtrasna Newcastle View
Dunmoylan East Dunmoylan East Dunmoylan East Rathkeale View
Dunmoylan Dunmoylan Dunmoylan West Rathkeale View
Dunnaman Dunnaman Dunnaman Adare View
Duntryleague Duntryleague Duntryleague Kilmallock View
Emlygrennan Emlygrennan Emlygrennan Kilmallock View
Fedamore Fedamore Fedamore Adare View
Feenagh Feenagh Feenagh Newcastle View
Fleanmore Fleanmore Fleanmore Rathkeale View
Galbally Galbally Galbally Kilmallock View
Garrane Garrane Garrane Adare View
Garryduff Garryduff Garryduff Newcastle View
Glenagower Glenagower Glenagower Newcastle View
Glenbrohane Glenbrohane Glenbrohane Kilmallock View
Glengort Glengort Glengort Newcastle View
Glensharrold Glensharrold Glensharrold Rathkeale View
Glenstal Glenstal Glenstal Castleconnell View
Glentworth View
Glin Glin Glin Rathkeale View
Grange Grange Grange Kilmallock View
Grean Grean Grean Castleconnell View
Griston Griston Griston Kilmallock View
Hospital Hospital Hospital Kilmallock View
Iveruss Iveruss Iveruss Rathkeale View
Kilbeheny Kilbeheny Kilbeheny Kilmallock View
Kilcornan Kilcornan Kilcornan Rathkeale View
Kildimo Kildimo Kildimo Adare View
Kilfergus Kilfergus Kilfergus Rathkeale View
Kilfinnane Kilfinnane Kilfinnane Kilmallock View
Kilfinny Kilfinny Kilfinny Rathkeale View
Kilflyn Kilflyn Kilflyn Kilmallock View
Kilglass Kilglass Kilglass Kilmallock View
Kilmallock Kilmallock Kilmallock Kilmallock View
Kilmeedy Kilmeedy Kilmeedy Newcastle View
Kilmoylan Kilmoylan Kilmoylan Rathkeale View
Kilmurry Kilmurry Kilmurry Castleconnell View
Kilpeacon Kilpeacon Kilpeacon Adare View
Kilscannel Kilscannel Kilscannell Rathkeale View
Kilteely Kilteely Kilteely Kilmallock View
Knockaderry Knockaderry Knockaderry Newcastle View
Knockainy Knockainy Knockainy Kilmallock View
Knocklong Knocklong Knocklong Kilmallock View
Knocknascrow Knocknascrow Knocknascrow Kilmallock View
Limerick No. 1 Limerick No. 1 Urban View
Limerick Urban No. 2 Limerick No. 2 Urban View
Limerick No. 3 Urban District Limerick No. 3 Urban View
Dock Limerick Urban No. 4 Limerick No. 4 Urban View
Glentworth, Limerick No. 5 Limerick No. 5 Urban View
Limerick No. 6 Limerick No. 6 Urban View
Limerick No. 6 Urban (Pt. of) View
Limerick No. 7 Limerick No. 7 Urban (Pt. of) View
Shannon Ward No. 8 Limerick City Limerick No. 8 Urban View
Shannon Ward No. 8 Limerick City View
Market Ward Limerick No. 7 Urban District Limerick No. 8 Urban (Pt. of) View
Limerick North Rural Limerick North View
Limerick South Limerick South Rural Limerick South Rural Adare View
Limerick Urban View
Lismakeery Lismakeery Lismakeery Rathkeale View
Loghill Loghill Loghill Rathkeale View
Mahoonagh Mahoonagh Mahoonagh Newcastle View
Mohernagh Mohernagh Mohernagh Rathkeale View
Monagay Monagay Monagay Newcastle View
Mountcollins Mountcollins Mountcollins Newcastle View
Mountplummer Mountplummer Mountplummer Newcastle View
Nantinan Nantinan Nantinan Rathkeale View
Newcastle Newcastle Urban Newcastle Urban Newcastle View
Newcastle Rural Newcastle Rural Newcastle View
Oola Oola Oola Castleconnell View
Pallaskenry Pallaskenry Pallaskenry Rathkeale View
Particles Particles Particles Kilmallock View
Patrick's Well Patrickswell Patrickswell Adare View
Port Port Port Newcastle View
Rathkeale View
Rathkeale Rural Rathkeale Rural Rathkeale Rural Rathkeale View
Rathkeale Urban Rathkeale Urban Rathkeale Urban Rathkeale View
Rathmore Rathmore Rathmore Kilmallock View
Rathronan Rathronan Rathronan Newcastle View
Riddlestown Riddlestown Riddlestown Rathkeale View
Riversdale Riversdale Riversdale Kilmallock View
Rockhill Rockhill Rockhill Kilmallock View
Rooskagh Rooskagh Rooskagh Newcastle View
Roxborough Roxborough Roxborough Adare View
Shanagolden Shanagolden Rathkeale View
Shanid Shanid Shanid Rathkeale View
Templebredon Templebredon Templebredon Castleconnell View
Templeglentan Templeglentan Templeglentan Newcastle View
Tobernea Tobernea Tobernea Kilmallock View
Uregare Uregare Uregare Kilmallock View
Ward: Shannon Limerick No. 8 View