DED List For County Roscommon
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Aghafin Aghafin Aghafin Boyle View
Altogawlan Altagowlan Altagowlan Boyle View
Annaghmore Annaghmore Annaghmore Strokestown View
Artagh North Artagh North Artagh North Castlerea View
Artagh South Artagh South Artagh South Castlerea View
Athleague East Athleague Athleague East Roscommon View
Athleague West Athleague West Athleague West Roscommon View
Athlone Athlone West (Rural) Athlone West Rural Athlone View
Aughrin East Aughrim East Aughrim East Boyle View
Aughrim West Aughrim West Aughrim West Boyle View
Ballaghaderreen Ballaghadereen Ballaghaderreen Castlerea View
Ballinlough Ballinlough Ballinlough Castlerea View
Ballintober Ballintober Ballintober Castlerea View
Ballydangan Ballydangan Ballydangan Athlone View
Ballyfarnan Ballyfarnan Ballyfarnan Boyle View
Ballyformoyle Ballyfermoyle Ballyfermoyle Boyle View
Ballygarden Ballygarden Ballygarden Strokestown View
Ballynamona Ballynamona Ballynamona Athlone View
Barrymore View
Baslick Basilck Baslick Castlerea View
Bellanagare Bellanagare Bellanagare Castlerea View
Boyle Rural Boyle Rural Boyle Rural Boyle View
Boyle Urban Boyle Urban Boyle Urban Boyle View
Breedoge Breedoge Breedoge Boyle View
Buckhill Buckhill Buckill Castlerea View
Bumlin Bumlin Bumlin Strokestown View
Caltragh Caltragh Caltragh Athlone View
Cams Cams Cams Roscommon View
Carnagh Carnagh Carnagh Athlone View
Carrowduff Carrowduff Carrowduff Castlerea View
Carrowreagh Carrowreagh Carrowreagh Athlone View
Castleplunket Castleplunket Castleplunket Castlerea View
Castlereagh Castlereagh Castlereagh Castlerea View
Castlesampson Castlesampson Castlesampson Athlone View
Castleteheen Castleteehan Castleteheen Castlerea View
Cloonburren Cloonburren Cloonburren Athlone View
Cloonfinlough Cloonfinlough Cloonfinlough Strokestown View
Cloonfower Cloonflower Cloonfower Castlerea View
Cloonown Cloonown Cloonown Athlone View
Cloonteem Cloonfeem Cloonteen Boyle View
Cloontuskert Cloontuskert Cloontuskert Strokestown View
Cloonygormican Cloonygormican Cloonygormican Castlerea View
Cloonyquin Cloonyquin Cloonyquin Strokestown View
Coolougher Coolougher Coolougher Castlerea View
Crannagh Crannagh Crannagh Athlone View
Creagh Creagh Creagh Athlone View
Creeve Creeve Creeve Strokestown View
Cregga Cregga Cregga Strokestown View
Croghan Croghan Croghan Boyle View
Crossna Crossna Crossna Boyle View
Culliagh Culliagh Culliagh Athlone View
Danesfort Danesfort Danesfort Boyle View
Drumdaff Drumdaff Drumdaff Roscommon View
Drumlosh Drumlosh Drumlosh Athlone View
Dunamon Dunamon Dunamon Roscommon View
Dysart Dysart Dysart Athlone View
Edmondstown Edmondstown Edmondstown Castlerea View
Elia Elia Elia Strokestown View
Elphin Elphin Elphin Strokestown View
Estersnow Eastersnow Estersnow Boyle View
Fairymount Faireymount Fairymount Castlerea View
Frenchpark Frenchpark Frenchpark Castlerea View
Fuerty Fuerty Fuerty Roscommon View
Greeve View
Keadew Keadew Keadew Boyle View
Kilbride North Kilbride North Kilbride North Strokestown View
Kilbride South Kilbride South Kilbride South Strokestown View
Kilbryan Kilbryan Kilbryan Boyle View
Kilcar Kilcar Kilcar Athlone View
Kilcolagh Kilcolagh Kilcolagh Boyle View
Kilgefin Kilgefin Kilgefin Strokestown View
Kilglass North Kilglass North Kilglass North Strokestown View
Kilglass South Kilglass South Kilglass South Strokestown View
Killavackan Killavackan Killavackan Strokestown View
Killukin Killukin Killukin Strokestown View
Killummod Killummod Killummod Boyle View
Killusken View
Kilmacumsy Kilmacumsey Kilmacumsy Boyle View
Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Boyle View
Kilteevan Kilteevan Kilteevan Roscommon View
Kiltoom Kiltoom Athlone View
Kiltullagh Kiltullagh Kiltullagh Castlerea View
Lackan Lackan Lackan Roscommon View
Leccarrow Lecarrow Lecarrow Roscommon View
Lisgarve Lisgarve Lisgarve Strokestown View
Lismaha Lismaha Lismaha Roscommon View
Lissonuffy Lissonuffy Lissonuffy Strokestown View
Lough Allen Lough Allen Lough Allen Boyle View
Loughglynn Loughglinn Loughglinn Castlerea View
Mantua Mantua Mantua Boyle View
Moore Moore Moore Athlone View
Mote Mote Mote Roscommon View
Oakport Oakport Oakport Boyle View
Ogulla Ogulla Ogulla Strokestown View
Rockhill Rockhill Rockhill Athlone View
Rockingham Rockingham Rockingham Boyle View
Roosky Roosky Roosky Strokestown View
Roscommon Roscommon Rural Roscommon Rural Roscommon View
Roscommon Urban Roscommon Urban Roscommon Urban Roscommon View
Rosmoylan Rosmoylan Rosmoylan Roscommon View
Rossmore Rossmore Rossmore Strokestown View
Rushfield Rushfield Rushfield Boyle View
Scregg Scregg Scregg Roscommon View
Strokestown Strokestown Strokestown Strokestown View
Taghboy Taghboy Taghboy Athlone View
Taghmaconnell Taghmaconnell Taghmaconnell Athlone View
Termonbarry Termonbarry Termonbarry Strokestown View
Thomastown Thomastown Thomastown Athlone View
Tivannagh Tivannagh Tivannagh Boyle View
Tulsk Tulsk Tulsk Strokestown View
Tumna North Tumna North Tumna North Boyle View
Tumna South Tumna South Tumna South Boyle View
Turrock Turrock Turrock Athlone View