DED List For County Westmeath
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Ardnaglue Ardnaglew Ardnaglew Kilbeggan View
Ardnagragh Ardnagragh Ardnagragh Kilbeggan View
Athlone East Athlone East Rural Athlone East Rural Athlone View
Athlone Town Athlone East Urban Athlone Urban Athlone View
Athlone Urban (W) Athlone West Urban Athlone Urban Athlone View
Auburn Auburn Auburn Kilbeggan View
Ballinalack Ballinalack Ballinalack Mullingar West View
Ballinlough Ballinlough Ballinlough Coole View
Ballybroder Ballybroder Ballybroder Kilbeggan View
Ballyhealy Ballyhealy Ballyhealy Coole View
Ballykilmore Ballykilmore Ballykilmore Kilbeggan View
Ballymore Ballymore Ballymore Kilbeggan View
Ballymorin Ballymorin Ballymorin Kilbeggan View
Ballynagotr Ballynagore Ballynagore Kilbeggan View
Ballynaskeagh Ballynaskeagh Ballynaskeagh Coole View
Bellanalack Bellanalack Kilbeggan View
Belvidere Belvidere Belvidere Mullingar West View
Boherquill Boherquill Boherquill Coole View
Bracklin Brackline Bracklin Coole View
Carn Carn Carn Athlone View
Carrick Carrick Carrick Kilbeggan View
Castle Castle Castle Mullingar East View
Castledaly Castledaly Castledaly Athlone View
Castlelost Castlelost Castlelost Kilbeggan View
Castletown Castletown Castletown Kilbeggan View
Churchtown Churchtown Churchtown Kilbeggan View
Cloghan Cloghan Cloghan Mullingar East View
Clonarney Clonarney Coole View
Clonfad Clonfad Clonfad Kilbeggan View
Clonlost Clonlost Clonlost Coole View
Collinstown Collinstown Collinstown Coole View
Coole Coole Coole Coole View
Coolure Coolure Coolure Coole View
Copperalley Copperalley Copperalley Coole View
Delvin Delvin Delvin Coole View
Derrymore Derrymore Derrymore Coole View
Doonis Doonis Doonis Kilbeggan View
Drumraney Drumraney Drumraney Kilbeggan View
Dysart Dysart Dysart Kilbeggan View
Emper Emper Emper Mullingar West View
Enniscoffey Enniscoffey Enniscoffey Mullingar East View
Faughalstown Faughalstown Faughalstown Coole View
Finnea Finnea Finnea Coole View
Fore East Fore East Fore East Coole View
Fore West Fore West Fore West Coole View
Gaybrook Gaybrook Gaybrook Mullingar East View
Glassan Glasson Glassan Athlone View
Glenlough Glenlough Glenlough Mullingar West View
Glore Glore Glore Coole View
Greenpark Greenpark Greenpark Mullingar West View
Griffinstown Griffinstown Griffinstown Mullingar East View
Heathstown Heathstown Heathstown Mullingar East View
Hiltown Hilltown Hilltown Coole View
Hopestown Hopestown Hopestown Mullingar West View
Huntingdon Huntingdon Huntingdon Mullingar East View
Jamestown Jamestown Jamestown Kilbeggan View
Kilbeggan Kilbeggan Kilbeggan Kilbeggan View
Kilbixy Kilbixy Kilbixy Mullingar West View
Kilcumny Kilcumny Kilcumny Coole View
Kilcumeragh Kilcumreragh Kilcumreragh Kilbeggan View
Killare Killare Killare Kilbeggan View
Killinure Killinure Killinure Athlone View
Killna Killua Killua Coole View
Killucan Killucan Killucan Coole View
Killulagh Killulagh Killulagh Coole View
Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Coole View
Kinnegad Kinnegad Kinnegad Mullingar East View
Kinturk Kinturk Kinturk Coole View
Knockarron Knockarrow Knockarrow Coole View
Knockdrin Knockdrin Knockdrin Mullingar East View
Lackan Lackan Lackan Coole View
Lauree Lauree Lauree Kilbeggan View
Middleton Middleton Middleton Kilbeggan View
Milltown Milltown Milltown Mullingar East View
Moate Moate Moate Athlone View
Mount Temple Mount Temple Mount Temple Kilbeggan View
Moydrum Moydrum Moydrum Athlone View
Muckanagh Muckanagh Muckanagh Kilbeggan View
Mullingar North Urban Mullingar North Urban Mullingar North Urban and Mullingar South Urban not contained in the local electoral area of Mullingar East Mullingar West View
Mullingar Rural Mullingar Mullingar North Urban and Mullingar South Urban not contained in the local electoral area of Mullingar East Mullingar West View
Mullingar Urban Mullingar South Urban Mullingar North Urban and Mullingar South Urban situated north and east of a line drawn along the Dublin-Sligo railway line Mullingar East View
Multyfarnham Multyfarnham Multyfarnham Coole View
Newtown Newtown Newtown Kilbeggan View
Noughaval Noughavel Noughaval Kilbeggan View
Owel Owel Owel Mullingar East View
Piercetown Piercetown Piercetown Mullingar West View
Portloman Portloman Portloman Mullingar West View
Raharney Raharney Raharney Coole View
Rahugh Rahugh Rahugh Kilbeggan View
Rathconrath Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar West View
Rathowen Rathowen Rathowen Mullingar West View
Riversdale Riverdale Riverdale Coole View
Rosmead Rosmead Rosmead Coole View
Russellstown Russellstown Russellstown Mullingar East View
Skeagh Skeagh Skeagh Mullingar West View
Sonna Sonna Sonna Mullingar West View
Stonehall Stonehall Stonehall Coole View
Streamstown Streamstown Streamstown Kilbeggan View
Street Street Street Coole View
Taghmon Taghmon Taghmon Coole View
Templepatrick Templepatrick Templepatrick Kilbeggan View
Tubbrit Tubbrit Tubbrit Athlone View
Tullaghan Tullaghan Tullaghan Mullingar West View
Umma Umma Umma Kilbeggan View
Winetown Winetown Winetown Kilbeggan View
Woodland Woodland Woodland Coole View