DED List For County Wexford
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Census 1901 DED Census 1911 DED 2008 DED Electoral Area View
Killann Killann Killann Enniscorthy View
Killenagh Killenagh Killenagh Gorey View
Killesk Killesk Killesk New Ross View
Killincooly Killincooly Killincooly Gorey View
Killinick Killinick Killinick Wexford View
Killoughrum Killoughrum Killoughrum Enniscorthy View
Killucin Killurin Killurin Wexford View
Kilmallock Killmallock Kilmallock Enniscorthy View
Kilmokea Kilmokea Kilmokea New Ross View
Kilmore Kilmore Kilmore Wexford View
Kilnahue Kilnahue Kilnahue Gorey View
Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Kilpatrick Wexford View
Kilrush Kilrush Kilrush Gorey View
Kilscoran Kilscoran Kilscoran Wexford View
Kiltealy Kiltealy Kiltealy Enniscorthy View
Ladysisland Lady's Island Ladys Island Wexford View
Limerick Limerick Limerick Gorey View
Marshalstown Marshalstown Marshalstown Enniscorthy View
Mayglass Mayglass Mayglass Wexford View
Monamolin Monamolin Monamolin Gorey View
Monaseed Monaseed Monaseed Gorey View
Moyacomb Moyacomb Moyacomb Gorey View
New Ross Rural New Ross New Ross Rural New Ross View
New Ross Urban New Ross, Urban New Ross Urban New Ross View
Newbawn Newbawn Newbawn New Ross View
Newcastle Newcastle Newcastle Wexford View
Newtownbarry Newtownbarry Newtownbarry Enniscorthy View
Old Ross Old Ross Old Ross New Ross View
Oldcourt Oldcourt Oldcourt New Ross View
Rathaspick Rathaspick Rathaspick Wexford View
Rathroe Rathroe Rathroe New Ross View
Rochestown Rochestown Rochestown New Ross View
Rosbercon Urban (New Ross Urban District) Rosbercon View
Rossard Rossard Rossard Enniscorthy View
Rosslare Rosslare Rosslare Wexford View
Rossminoge Rossminoge Rossminoge Gorey View
St. Helen's St. Helen's St. Helens Wexford View
Saint Mary's St. Mary's St. Marys Enniscorthy View
Tacumshin Tacumshin Tacumshin Wexford View
Taghmon Taghmon Taghmon Wexford View
Templeudigan Templeludigan Templeludigan New Ross View
Templetown Templetown Templetown New Ross View
The Harrow The Harrow The Harrow Gorey View
The Leap The Leap The Leap Enniscorthy View
Tinnacross Tinnacross Tinnacross Enniscorthy View
Tintern Tintern Tintern New Ross View
Tombrack Tombrack Tombrack Gorey View
Tomhaggard Tomhaggard Tomhaggard Wexford View
Wells Wells Wells Gorey View
Wexford Urban No. 2 Wexford No. 2 Urban View
Wexford Rural Wexford Rural Wexford Rural Wexford View
Wexford Urban Wexford No. 3 Urban Wexford Urban Wexford View
Wexford Town Wexford Urban No 1 View
Whitechurch Whitechurch Whitechurch Wexford View
Whitemoor Whitemore Whitemoor New Ross View
Wingfield Wingfield Wingfield Gorey View
Adamstown Adamstown Adamstown New Ross View
Ardamine Ardamine Ardamine Gorey View
Ardcavan Ardcavan Ardcavan Wexford View
Ardcolm Ardcolm Ardcolm Wexford View
Artramon Artramon Artramon Wexford View
Aughwilliam Aughwilliam Aughwilliam Wexford View
Ballindaggan Ballindaggan Ballindaggan Enniscorthy View
Balloughter Balloughter Balloughter Gorey View
Ballyanne Ballyanne Ballyanne New Ross View
Ballybeg Ballybeg Ballybeg Gorey View
Ballycanew Ballycanew Ballycanew Gorey View
Ballycarney Ballycarney Ballycarney Enniscorthy View
Ballyellis Ballyellis Ballyellis Gorey View
Ballygarrett Ballygarrett Ballygarrett Gorey View
Ballyhack Ballyhack Ballyhack New Ross View
Ballyhoge Ballyhoge Ballyhoge Enniscorthy View
Ballyhuskard Ballyhuskard Ballyhuskard Enniscorthy View
Ballylarkin Ballylarkin Ballylarkin Gorey View
Ballymitty Ballymitty Ballymitty New Ross View
Ballymore Ballymore Ballymore Gorey View
Ballynestragh Ballynestragh Ballynestragh Gorey View
Ballyvaldon Ballyvaldon Ballyvaldon Gorey View
Bannow Bannow Bannow New Ross View
Barrack Village Barrack Village Barrack Village New Ross View
Barronstown Barronstown Barronstown New Ross View
Bolaboy Bolaboy Bolaboy Enniscorthy View
Bree Bree Bree Enniscorthy View
Bridgetown Bridgetown Bridgetown Wexford View
Cahore Cahore Cahore Gorey View
Carnagh Carnagh Carnagh New Ross View
Carrick Carrick Carrick Wexford View
Carrickbyrne Carrickbyrne Carrickbyrne New Ross View
Castle-Ellis Castle Ellis Castle Ellis Enniscorthy View
Castle Talbot Castle Talbot Castle Talbot Enniscorthy View
Castleboro' Castleboro' Castleboro Enniscorthy View
Castledockrell Castledockrell Castledockrell Enniscorthy View
Clongeen Clongeen Clongeen New Ross View
Clonleigh Clonleigh Clonleigh New Ross View
Clonroche Clonroche Clonroche New Ross View
Coolgreany Coolgreany Coolgreany Gorey View
Courtown Courtown Courtown Gorey View
Drinagh Drinagh Drinagh Wexford View
Duncormick Duncormick Duncormick Wexford View
Dunmain Dunmain Dunmain New Ross View
Edermine Edermine Edermine Enniscorthy View
Enniscorthy Rural Enniscorthy Rural Enniscorthy Rural Enniscorthy View
Enniscorthy Urban Enniscorthy Urban Enniscorthy Urban Enniscorthy View
Ferns Ferns Ferns Gorey View
Fethard Fethard Fethard New Ross View
Ford Ford Ford Gorey View
Forth Forth Forth Wexford View
Glynn Glynn Glynn Wexford View
Gorey Rural Gorey Rural Gorey Rural Gorey View
Gorey Urban Gorey Urban Gorey Urban Gorey View
Harperstown Harperstown Harperstown Wexford View
Harristown Harristown Harristown New Ross View
Horetown Horetown Horetown New Ross View
Huntingtown Huntingtown Huntingtown Gorey View
Inch Inch Inch New Ross View
Kilbora Kilbora Kilbora Gorey View
Kilbride Kilbride Kilbride Wexford View
Kilcomb Kilcomb Kilcomb Gorey View
Kilcormick Kilcormick Kilcormick Enniscorthy View
Kilcowan Kilcowan Kilcowan Wexford View
Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Kilgarvan Wexford View
Kilgorman Kilgorman Kilgorman Gorey View
Killag Killag Killag Wexford View