Ellen Daly

Death Date : Not Available




Ellen Daly was a daughter of John Daly and Kate Burke of Reavouler, Drinagh.

Church Baptismal register entry:
was baptised in the Catholic Parish of Kilmacabea (Leap) on 10 November 1880.  She was born in Reavouler, Drinagh.  The Sponsors at her baptism were Tim Lynch and Mary Leary.  (copy of the section of the Register below and we can observe that the said Priest did not write any word more than was absolutely essential).   It was the normal practice to baptise a newborn within a day or two of their birth, indeed some, if born early on a day, were baptised that evening.

Copy of Entry in Church Baptismal Register


Civil Birth Register entry:
Ellen's birth is registered in the Civil Birth Records.  It was registered on 3 Jan 1881 by Mary Leary, Glaunaclohy.  Here Ellen's date of birth is shown as 20 Dec 1880.  I have seen several examples of this where the State record has the birth a number of days, weeks and even months  after the baptism.  Also noting that the event was in each case registered some weeks after the birth date on the State register.  I believe that the baptism date is far more reliable as being very close to the birth date.
Under the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1874 it was "the duty of the father and mother of the child, and in default of the father and mother, of the occupier of the house in which to his knowledge the child is born, and of each person present at the birth, and of the person having charge of the child, to give to the registrar, within forty-two days next after such birth, information of the particulars required to be registered concerning such birth, and in the presence of the registrar to sign the register". You were liable to be fined if a birth was registered late and so to avoid paying the fine it appears that some families gave a date of birth for the child later than the actual date and such can result in the baptism date predating the birth date in the records, and causing confusion for some researchers.

Copy if birth in Civil Birth Register


We do know that Ellen died at a young age but her death was not recorded.


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