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BMDnotices Birthday Book has been created to welcome newborn children to the family and community and mark their entry to the world. Here you can create a Birthday Book Page for your child, post New Baby Congratulations Cards to show your delight. The Page will be accessible to the child as a wonderful memory when he/she grows up.

Birthday Book


BMDnotices Wedding Book is a wonderful place to inform the world about your big day. By creating your Wedding Day Page you can put the day and venue of your wedding and let others post congratulations or Wedding Anniversary Cards to create a lovely memory for the years to come. You are welcome to post notes on your Wedding Anniversary too.

Wedding Book


BMDnotices Remembrance Garden Book is an online headstone that keeps the memories of your loved ones alive. Here you can create a Memory Page, share your tribute or memories with others, post Sympathy or In Memoriam Cards. The Page will keep these memories alive and accessible to yourself and others to view for generations to come.

Remembrance Garden Book

When someone we love becomes a memory, it becomes a treasure.

This Remembrance Garden Book has been created to keep the memories of our loved ones from oblivion.