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About us is a website dedicated to announcements and remembrance of Births , Marriages and Deaths. It has been created in 2007 in response to the growing demand for an online BMD notices service. In the past BMD notices and announcements were mainly published in newspapers and respective messages were shared on printed cards. However, newspapers and cards are perishable and very difficult to share with extended family and the wider public. Even social media, with its constant stream of information, fails to provide meaningful space for celebrating important moments in our lives. In response to this, BMDnotices® Team has created a website dedicated solely to the memory of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Our website is composed of three sections to reflect just that.

All Pages and Messages posted on BMDnotices® are available online for everybody to view and search through without the need to register or log in. Our team is dedicated to make BMDnotices® service a pleasant and helpful tool for everybody to use. In order to achieve that, we thoroughly review all content prior to publishing on our site. It is worth noticing that BMDnotices® is a non denominational website and we respect all beliefs and traditions.

We invite you to join thousands of users from around the world to make BMDnotices® your very own for the lifetime!

Yours sincerely,
BMDnotices Team

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'In the mid 2000’s it seemed to me that as so many nations were embracing the technology age that there was scope for a website to cater specifically for Remembrance of our deceased. It would be akin to a virtual tombstone, headstone but of course would offer much more flexibility and facilities than a solid stone can offer. It would not replace those insertions in newspapers but indeed compliment them. Naturally it took time to add Remembrance Garden pages to the Book, but with so many pages now added it does afford people the opportunity to view many pages and their variations. This site is non denominational and respects all beliefs and traditions. Like so many websites ours is “work in progress” and feedback is welcome. There is no requirement to register or log-in to view the pages on the website.'
Frank O'Donovan