John Daly

Death Date : 8 Dec 1882

Ellen Wholey

Death Date : Not Available




The Wholey name was first recorded in northern England where they held a family seat in Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire.  Later some moved to Ireland.  The name was adopted by some O'Driscoll families located in County Cork.  It is worth noting that the surname has a variety of spelling versions including Wholley, Wholey, Whooly, Whooley, Whorly, Houley, Houly, Hooly, Howley and Hooley.  

The earliest records of the Daly family in Ireland was in the region of what is now County Westmeath where Cuchonnacht O'Dalaigh resided. He died in 1139 AD.  The ancestral clan was called Corca Adaimh and they claimed descent from a son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, (High King of Ireland, 380 – 405 AD).  The surname Daly is among the most widely found in Ireland.  It is an anglicised form of the old gaelic name "Ó'Dálaigh" derived from Dálach meaning 'one who is present at assemblies' or more commonly called Councillor or Assembly person nowadays.  The root word is Dáil, which is the official title of the Irish Parliament, called “Dáil Eireann"?.  The modern Irish surnames O'Daly, Daly, Daley, Daily, Dailey, Ua Dálaigh and Dawley are derived from Ó Dálaigh.  Some families were beginning to add the O' as in O'Daly, etc to the surname at the beginning of the 1900's.
John Daly was a brother of Joan Daly, who married nearby in Mullaghmesha, Drimoleague.

Ellen Wholey was related to James Wholey, Garranes South, Drimoleague.

Ellen Wholey is also mentioned on the Wholey page.

John Daly and Ellen Houly married in Drimoleague Catholic Parish on 19 February 1833.  Both were recored as being from the Drimoleague part of the Drimoleague - Drinagh divide of the parish.  The Witnesses were Tim Daly and Pat Houly.  Family lore states that John Daly's family were from the townland of Derrynagree (often written as Derrygra) lying just to the East of Drimoleague village and adjoining Kilnahera West.

Children born in Kilnahera and baptised in Drimoleague on dates shown:

Timothy (Thade) Daly, 7 Feb 1834.  Sponsors: Tim Daly, Kate Regan

Mary Daly, 4 Oct 1835.  Sponsors: Pat Hurly, Julian Daly

Denis Daly, 14 Sep 1837.  Sponsors: Timy Hayes, Kate Regan

John Daly, 5 Jan 1840.  Sponsors: Timy Leary, Julia McCarthy

Johanna Daly, 27 Nov 1842.  Sponsors: Daniel Regan, Cathe Driscoll

Patrick Daly, 13 May 1845.  Sponsors: John Hurly, Eleanor Donovan

John Daly died on 8 December 1882 at Deelis, Drimoleague.  From his death record he was a widower, aged 90 years, a retired farmer and cause of death was old age with no medical attendance. Mary Canty, Dispensary Nurse, Drimoleague was present at his death and the Informant to the Registrar.

Griffith's Valuation Book for Kilnahera, Dromdaleague does not contain a Daly surname. The survey was generally carried out in this area in the early 1850's and was completed for County Cork on 20 July 1853.

From family lore is was said that the family moved around the 1850's to Deelish, Drimoleague.  Since then there has not been any other Daly family in the townland of Deelish, other than the descendants of John Daly and Ellen Wholey.

Location of dwelling from OSI map of c.1840




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