Patrick Donovan Ellen Cahalane                                      Johanna Donovan

Co. Cork

Maulatrahane                                                         Corran
Leap                                                                          Leap
Co. Cork                                                                   Co. Cork

Patrick Donovan was a son of Michael Donovan & Mary Lynch

Patrick Donovan and Ellen Cahalane married on 24 Feb 1876 at Leap Church.  Witnesses: Tim Lynch, Margaret Hayes

Ellen Cahalane was a daughter of James Cahalane & Mary Sullivan of Maulatrahane, Leap.

Child born in Reavouler and baptised in Leap R.C. Church

Michael baptised on 2 March 1877.  Sponsors: Michael Donovan, Ellen Cahalane

Ellen died of Dropsy at Reavouler on 2 April 1878

Patrick and Johanna Donovan married on 25 Feb 1879 at Leap Church.  Witnesses: Thade Donovan, Jerry Donovan
On the State Register Johanna gave her address at the time of marriage as Corran, Leap

Johanna (Hannah) Donovan was a daughter of Jerry Donovan and Julia Harte, Corran, Leap

Children born in Reavouler and baptised in Leap R.C. Church

Patrick John born 29 Feb 1880, baptised on 1 Mar 1880. Sponsors: Timothy Donovan, Margaret Sheehy
Jeremiah baptised Jerry on 4 May 1881.  Sponsors: James Tobin, Julia Donovan
James baptised on 6 Jan 1883.  Sponsors: John Sheehan, Kate Donovan
St. Mary's RC Church, Leap, Co. Cork
Parish of Kilmacabea)
Census 1901:
Census 1911:
Hannah Donovan, married, aged 77years, a farmers wife, died in Reavouler on 25 April 1921.  The cause of death was senile decal, no medical attendant.  The Informant who was pesent at her death was her son, James Donovan of Reavouler.  The death was registered on 6 May 1921.
Patrick Donovan, a widower, aged 80 years, a farmer died of senile decay (no medical attendant), died on 6 Dec 1923 at Reavouler.  The Informant was his son, Pat Donovan, who was present at the death. The death was registered on 3 Jan 1924.
Patrick and Jeremiah on a visit to Jim

They were part of the Donovan Scartagh clan

Let us look at popular First Names used by the 8,822 Donovans in Ireland as in Census 1911:


Surname : Donovan Year: 1911
Total Donovan surname 8,822  
First Name Occurrences % of total
Mary 1,054 11.9%
John 754 8.5%
Patrick 517 5.9%
Michael 420 4.8%
Ellen 411 4.7%
James 334 3.8%
Margaret 308 3.5%
Daniel 301 3.4%
Jeremiah 266 3.0%
Timothy 264 3.0%
Denis 252 2.9%
Bridget 246 2.8%
Kate 238 2.7%
Julia 199 2.3%
Hannah 197 2.2%
Catherine 188 2.1%
William 179 2.0%
Thomas 165 1.9%
Annie 119 1.3%
Anne 102 1.2%
Joseph 67 0.8%
Johanna 62 0.7%
  Total 75.3%


So the above list represents 75.3% of ALL first names used by Donovan


Rest in Peace

Patrick O'Donovan Jeremiah

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