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Daniel Donovan
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The Uí Fidgenti, Uí Fidgeinti, Uí Fidgente, Uí Fidghente, Uí Fidgeinte or without the í as Ui Fidgenti were an early kingdom of northern Munster, situated mostly in modern County Limerick, but extending into County Clare and County Tipperary, and possibly even County Kerry and County Cork, at maximum extents, and this varied over time. The Gaelic = descendents of, or of the tribe of.   The tribe in this case being Fidgenti, or any of its spelling variations.  The O'Donovans came from the Bruree region of County Limerick where in early christian times this was the territory of Uí Fidgente.  These were divided into two branches, viz. Uí Chairpri in the East and Uí Chonaill Gabhra to the West.  This may nowadays be written without the í as Ui Chairpri or maybe as Ui Chairpre.  As a result of ongoing feuds they were driven from there by the O'Briens about 1178.  The O'Donovans eventually settled in West Cork in the Glandore - Rosscarbery region and soon the Uí Chairpri name was given to the large region today known as Carbery.

There were two main branches of the O'Donovans, these were Clan Cathail and Clan Lochlainn.  However, the use of various nicknames used after Donovan was adopted to distinguish different families in an area with similar surnames.  These nicknames are called 'agnomens'.  Agnomen names used by Donovan clans include Scartagh, Reagh, Baid, Island, Donn, Dhiel, Bawn, Blackstaff, Rossa and Mountain. Some of these were also used by other families.  Variations in the spelling of the surname varied through the centuries to include Donovan, Donnovane, O'Donovane, Mc Donovane and in Irish (Gaelic), Ó Donnabháin.

Daniel Donovan is one of the Donovan names included here

Daniel Donovan married Mary Hayes but we do not have the record data.  The Parish records for Rosscarbery & Lissevard began with baptisms in Nov 1814 and marriages in 1820.  Records for Kilmacabea are only available from June 1832 so we don't have any info on the birth of Daniel or Mary because records do not exist.

As you will note from the linked page to their son, Daniel, (below) it was said that young Daniel was a first cousin of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa.  That being the case then this Daniel (husband of Mary Hayes) would be a brother to Denis O'Donovan, father of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa.  Their children, below, would each of course be first cousins of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa.


It appears that this Daniel was a relative of Patrick Donovan who was buried in St. Fachtna's Cathedral in Rosscarbery in 1853.  The son of Daniel also named Daniel (see children listed below) died in Ardkitt, Ballineen in 1936 and he was buried in the same grave plot as the above Patrick.

Their children born in Carhoogarriff & baptised in Kilmacabea RC parish included:-
Norry (b. 29 Jan 1842).  Sponsors: Pat Donovan, Joan Hayes
Margaret (b. 5 Mar 1844).  Sponsors: John Hayes, Cath Donovan
Johanna (b. 21 Jun 1846).  Sponsors: Pat Donovan, Mary Barry
Catherine (b. 31 Mar 1849).  Sponsors: James Donovan, Catherine Donovan
Patrick (b. 6 Mar 1852).  Sponsors: John McCarthy, Mary Hayes
Daniel (b. 21 Apr 1855).  Sponsors: John Barry, Mary Donovan
Cornelius (b. 7 Mar 1858).  Sponsors: Michael Donovan, Bridget Donovan
St. Mary's RC Church, Leap, Co. Cork
Griffith's Valuation:

Daniel was listed with a Patrick Donovan as occupying the following in Carhoogarriff:

Plot 5e has joint tenants Daniel Donovan and Patrick Donovan.  The property is described as "Office & garden measuring 0 acs 1 rd 1perch.  There is a note "See also 18".

Plots18A and 18B are in the joint names of Patrick Donovan and Daniel Donovan.  Plot 18A contains "House, Offices & Land" and "House & Land" all totalling 7 acs 1 rd 39 pchs. Plot 18B is "Land" containing 38 acs 0rd 7 pchs.

Map extract from Griffith's Valuation



Death of Daniel Donovan (Senior):

Daniel (the father) died and then the family were evicted and they moved to Clonakilty.  Daniel is buried in St. Fachtna's Cathedral in Rosscarbery.  He is buried to the West of the Cathedral as indicated on the "Location of grave" photo on top right of this page.



Location of grave


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