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Patrick O’Donovan Margaret Buckley
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Birth Date :29th Nov 1890
Ardkitt West
Co. Cork
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Birth Date : 22 Sept 1887
Co. Cork


Patrick Donovan, a draper of Ballineen and Margaret Buckley of Rearour married 21 November 1915 in the Catholic Church in Cloughduv.  The Witnesses were Daniel Donovan and Kate Buckley.


Patrick, Margaret, Pat Joe
Sheila (Julia), Dan (Sonny), Rita, Kathleen
(Photo taken 17th March 1926)

They lived at West End (next to Methodist Church), Ballineen, Co. Cork

Patrick worked as a draper's clerk in The Arcade shop

Later he opened his own shop in the Main Street.  They lived in part of the building


Death Date :12th April 1972 Death Date :27th Aug 1944

Buried in Enniskeane and Kilbonane

When Margaret died on 27 Aug 1944 there were no new graves available in Enniskeane Church Cemetery so she was buried with her family in Kilbonane at the North side of the old Church ruins (GPS co-ords 8° 45' 45.403" W, 51° 50' 51.504" N).


Kilbonane Cemetery

Death Notice Irish Examiner:
O'Donovan (Ballineen) - On August 27, 1944 at her residence, Margaret, dearly beloved wife of Patrick O'Donovan.
Deeply mourned by her sorrowing husband and family.  R.I.P.   Remiains removed to St. Mary's, Enniskeane, on this
(Monday) evening at 7 o'clock.  Funeral on to-morrow (Tuesday) at 1 p.m. (S.T.) to Kilbonane, via Bandon.


Buckley Headstone (not all burials included)


Then when Patrick died in 1972 he was buried in a new grave in Enniskeane (GPS co-ords 8° 56' 9.6252" W, 51° 44' 14.733" N)

Death notice from the Irish Examiner:
O'DONOVAN (Cork and Ballineen) - On April 12, 1972, at his daughter's residence, 102 Blarney Street, Cork, Patrick O'Donovan, late of Ballineen.  Deeply regretted by his loving family.  R.I.P.  Requim Mass on tomorrow (Friday) at 11 a.m. at St. Mary's Church, Enniskeane.  Funeral immediately afterwards to adjoining cemetery.


The voice is now silent, the heart is now cold,
The smile and the welcome that met us of old,
We miss them and mourn then in sorrow unseen,
And dwell on the memory of days that have been.



Photos of their children in adult life

Kathleen Rita Dan Sheila Pat Joe
Kathleen Rita Dan (Sonny) Sheila Pat Joe

Rest in Peace


Photo of Patrick O'Donovan at Pat Fehily's door  (The Arcade) where he worked as a Draper's Clerk

A document I (Frank) found from Patrick Donovan (my grandfather)


Patrick Fehily
General Merchant
The Arcade & Market Place
Telegrams- Fehilly, Ballineen
Telephone No. 2
Hello ! Hello ! where hie you all?-
Ha ! how they listen to my call -
On business bent; you wish to buy
The needs of life, well, come and try
The wares you'll always find in stock
In that great shop where the big clock
With hands outstretched on you facade
Welcomes all to the Arcade.
Or cross the street at sober pace
And look about the Market Place,
Then give your orders quietly
He'll see your wants are all supplied-
His goods will fill your heart with Pride.
If you're a farmer just make sure
To go to FEHILY's for manure.
He stocks but Goulding's Irish made-
There is no better in the trade.
His farm seeds are all renowned,
They'll grow on every sort of ground,
And yoeld much more productive crops
Than seeds you'll get in other shops.
Farmers !, farmers ! don't delay :
See to your wants this very day.
If you have sense you'll quickly hie
To the Arcade, where you may buy
Pikes and shovels, mattocks, spades,
Hooks and scythes with splendid blades;
Ploughs and harrows of all sorts,
All together or in parts;
Mowing machines and corn drills
That can be worked on plains and hills;
Sowers, rakes, and gravel screens,
Bluestone, lime, and spraying machines,
Pulpers, slicers, manger chains,
Saddles, bridles, driving reins,
Ridgebands, drafts, all sorts of wire
That any farmer may require.
When viewing your calves if you should feel
They'd want a course of special meal,
To the Arcade be sure to call
And get some of the "Best-of-All."
This meal now winning much renown,
Is all prepared in Bantry town
By Mr. Biggs, whose full round cheek
And healthy looks and fine physique
Proclaim his knowledge is complete
About the best of foods to eat.
His "Best-of-All" proves that he can
Fatten beasts as well as man.
The best fed calves may get the scour
But you can cure them in an hour;
"Scour Specific" will never fail -
'Tis made by Jones of Doneraile.
Women ! if your hens are sick
"Wootem" powder cures them quick,
And after it each hen will lay
A large brown egg twice a day!
'Tis made by Moore of Letterkenny,
And every box is worth a guinea.
Your milk requires great care and so
Do not to the creamery go.
At home you ought to "separate,"
Then take advice before too late -
At FEHILY'S buy an "Alfa Laval"
And through your life you never shall
Regret this very lucky choice;
In days to come you will rejoice,
Because you'll find this neat machine
The best that you have ever seen.
You'll also find the yield of cream
So much increased that it will seem
Your stock of cows has largely grown,
Or that the milk was not your own.
For making butter you cannot beat
FEHILY's churns - they're strong and neat;
Purchase one and you will see
That you've been well advised by me.
In keeping time there is no match
For FEHILY's famed "Torpedo" watch;
'Tis good and cheap, well finished too -
Provide one and 'twill charm you.
His toilet goods can't rivalled be;
To be convinced just call and see.
FEHILY'S razors, come and view
His "Rapid" and the "Special" too.
If once you'd used then, I declare,
A whisker you would never wear,
For shaving with them is a treat,
Without then 'tis a risky feat.
No other merchant can dare to hope
To rival FEHILY'S brand of soap.
You'd almost wish to dirty be
That you might use the great Two D.
Racks and combs that never wear,
Brushes for the clothes and hair,
Brushes for the teeth and nails,
The shaving brush that never fails,
Mirrors mounted on neat stands,
And some for holding in the hands;
When seen in them the ugliest face
would seem endowed with every grace -
Frowns and wrinkles disappear,
And in their place come smiles that cheer.
such are the goods you'll always get
At the Arcade, and I would bet
If you but try you will find out
They are unmatched without a doubt.
In drapery you will also find
That FEHILY stocks the leading kind:
He keeps the best of Irish tweeds
At prices suited to your needs;
silks and satins, caps and hats,
Collars, ties, and rugs and mats;
Boots and shoes, both black and tan,
For girl, woman, boy or man.
working boots that will not tear,
And dainty boots for Sunday wear;
Every style and price of leather,
Some as light as cork or feather,
More as strong as tempered steel,
yet soft and gentle to the feel.
Besides these goods you'll always get
Cotton, linen, flannelette,
Corsets, jerseys, astrakhan,
Unequalled since the world began;
Buttons, needles, canvas, braid,
Boys' and men's suits, readymade;
Studs of every size and shape,
Furs, elastic, thread, and tape,
Waterproofs and ladies' muffs,
Links for sleeves and links for cuffs,
Handkerchiefs of every size,
Shawls and shirts and hooks and eyes,
Tie clips, cuffs, and splendid braces,
Safety pins and gloves and laces,
Towels, wadding, Irish hose,
Fancy goods for trimming clothes,
And other sundries fresh and neat-
I could not make a list complete.
Do you want light? - pay heed to me,
At the Arcade you'll always see
Irish matches that will light
In storm or rain, by day or night.
Lamps of every shape ans size,
Lamps for saving aching eyes,
Lamps for tables, lamps for halls,
Lamps for hanging on your walls,
Carriage lamps of every kind,
With the red bull's eye behind;
Lamps of every price and grade
Are kept in stock at the Arcade.
Tobaccos, too, of different types,
The best of clay and timber pipes,
Cigarettes of many a brand,
And special kinds made by hand -
All these will soothe the smoker's brain
And make him wish to smoke again.
For groceries do not fail to go
To PATRICK FEHILY, you must know
He keeps the best and cheapest teas,
And sugar that doth always please.
His coffee is the best that's made,
His cocoa's of the highest grade,
He always keeps the best of bread,
By Mr. Brennan, Bandon made,
Jacob's biscuits, Furlong's flour,
That never clods or turns sour;
The celebrated "Three Star" brand
The hardest of all tests will stand;
Wafer oats - in Belfast ground -
In FEHILY'S shop is always found;
And Quaker Oats you'll get there too,
And jelly crystals to charm you.
Copperas, logwood, castor oil,
And bacon fit to fry or boil,
Currants, raisins, sago, rice,
Cinnamon, nutmegs, cloves, and spice,
Sweet pigs' heads and splendid hams,
Fine salt fish and the best of gams;
Irish jams that please the taste -
Not the microbe breeding paste
You'll get if you go elsewhere.
But should you go - well, just beware !
Methylated spirit, turpentine,
Playing cards and fishing line,
Salts and senna, starch and blue,
Hair oil, Bovril, birdseeds, glue,
Sulphur, resin, Seccotine,
Ink and vinegar, vaseline,
Seidlitz powders, Epsom salts,
Castor oil, devoid of faults;
Candles, starch that's superfine,
Blacking that will always shine,
Pepper, ginger, whole and ground,
No better quality can be found;
And countless wares I can't recall,
At the Arcade you'll get them all.
Hardware goods are all displayed
In tempting style at the Arcade.
Grates and ranges, pokers, tongs,
And every article that belongs
To the hearthplace and the fire
You'll get them there if you inquire;
Scissors too at every price,
Traps for birds or rats and mice,
Knives and forks of Dublin make,
Enamelled goods you cannot break,
Plates and dishes, bowls and mugs,
Cups and saucers, neat cream jugs,
Skimmers, strainers, bright milk cans,
Ovens, buckets, baking pans,
And every sort of earthenware -
The plainest kinds and the most rare;
Brushes, medium, coarse and fine,
Kettles of the best design,
Onions, salt, and Diamond dyes,
Spectacles to save the eyes,
Smoothing irons, candlesticks,
Altar lamps and floating wicks -
All these you'll get, all these and more
In FEHILY'S modern high class store.
FEHILY'S coal is known to fame
And bears a highly honoured name;
'Twould thaw an iceberg 'tis so hot !
Ah ! what a pity Captain Scott
Had not some of this splendid coal -
He'd feel no cold at the South Pole !
Contractors, builders, tradesmen all,
When you want good be sure to call
To the Arcade and Market Place,
Where every inch of storing space
Is filled with wares which you will find
The best and cheapest of their kind.
In catering for the builders' needs
PATRICK FEHILY always leads.
From ground to roof, from floor to tile,
All kinds of goods of every style
A builder wants he can procure
From PATRICK FEHILY, and I am sure
No better goods can be supplied -
So says those men who've vainly tried.
Among the goods he always stocks
Are latches, hinges, bolts, and locks.
Metals, iron, lead, and zinc,
At prices that would make you think
Your getting them as presents free,
He also keeps the best of slate
And sells it at a cost price rate,
Screws and nails, all sorts of brick,
Cement that would to ivory stick,
timber of every kind and class,
Downpipes, eaveshoots, tiles, and glass
You'll always get at Ballineen -
Of course at FEHILY'S stores I mean.
All tradesmen's tools are there supplied
At prices that can't be defied,
Augers, chisels, hatchets, saws,
And hammers with upturned claws,
Trowels and levels, pincers too -
Every tool is bright and new.
Cyclists, if a bike you need -
A bike combining strength and speed -
Provide a "Pierce" at the Arcade;
No better bike was ever made.
And should you want a tube or tyre,
Or if good outfits you desire,
Or pumps of every make and size,
Go to FEHILY's if you're wise.
Should you wish your house to be
Bright and neat and fair to see,
To the Arcade then turn your face,
For decorations that's the place.
Stains and varnish, all kinds of oils,
Wall paper too that never soils,
Paints and distemper for each wall,
as made by Harrington, and all
Are sold in every shade and hue-
Brown and salmon, pink, and blue,
Yellow, purple, orange, grey,
Or any shade that you may say.
The beds supplied at FEHILY'S shop
In competition reach the top;
You'd sleep on them through every noise
That in this world our peace destroys
Were round your ears all through the night,
And wake next morning fresh and bright.
His coffins are the boast and pride
Of everyone who ever died
One round their bones while in the grave ;
In heaven they praise them oft, I trow
In hell - to hell they never go !
Most welcome news to all who feel
The pain of sole, or toe, or heel,
On which a corn has made its mark,
For you there's joy - I do not lark -
You need no longer pain endure ;
Just get Mac Sweeney's famous cure.
"Tinori" kills the corn quite,
Creates a sense of great delight;
You feel as if a brand new foot
Had just been fitted in your boot.
All your pains and aches are o'er
And corns depart for evermore.
I fain would speak in more detail
Of FEHILY'S goods, but I shall fail
To give them due deserving praise
If I were writing forty days.
But there's one fact I'd like you'd know
Before my writing I'd forego;
In recent times throughout the land
There's growing a great and strong demand
For Irish goods of every make -
A movement all for Erin's sake.
Among the hosts of Irishmen
Who strive to make our land again
A hive of trade and industry
You'll find the name of FEHILY.
PATRICK FEHILY never fails
While forwarding his daily sales
To push the goods of Irish make ;
And if you are inclined to take
The foreign stuff, he'll tell you plain -
Although himself may have less gain
On home-made goods - yet pleased he'd be
To foster Irish industry.
In "Irish Week" if you had been
A little while in Ballineen
You'd be convinced I'm speaking right
For there you'd see the pleasing sight
Of four great windows neatly dressed
With Irish goods - all of the best.
Friends, dear friends. my speech is done,
Do not wait longer, run ! run ! run !
To the Arcade, while I will say -
"May God be with you.    Now - Good day"
                                             - A Customer.
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Rest in Peace

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